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heart nervous feeling

im feeling this awful nervous feeling in my chest , for really no reason ....i have no reason to feel anxiety, but i doint know....it feels like my heart is shaking in my chest , but when i take my BP its fine .....its very scary , and so bad sometimes i cant  get to sleep .....ive had this for about 3 weeks , and when it happens when im out of the house ...i feel like i should be home ...im 41 dont smoke ...any ideas
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I get the same thing. Hard to explain the feeling....kind of like something buzzing around or ringing in your chest. Like shaking but not really?? Weird i know. I do not know what casues it. I have had several ekg's , wore a holter monitor for 24 hours and all results were negative. The doc's all tell me it is anxiety. It is hard to believe that anxiety could casue such real feelings. Keep me posted.
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I had this feeling for no reason also one day...it lasted about 2 hours, then went away for a couple years. Then, I started getting heart palpitations, and my heart would pound and get that shaky feeling, too...also for no reason. I wouldn't be stressed or thinking about anything. I'd be watching TV, or even be asleep. One day it finally happened so horrible I thought I was litterally going to die. I seriously thought I was having a heart attack. I've had numerous tests and everything comes back normal. But my doctors diagnosed me with Anxiety and Panic Disorder. I swore that I wasn't anxious about anything...and I had no baggage (ie. I had a normal childhood, great family, no abuse). They finally just told me it was a chemical imbalance. I got on medication and slowly I began to feel better. I still have symptoms every now and then, but it's not as bad as it first was (all this happened over a period of 4 years or so). I would definitely call your doctor and see what he/she thinks, and make sure you're okay physically. If all that checks out, you might want to ask him about the possibility of panic attacks. I know it doesn't feel like that could be the problem. I still have doubts sometimes...but it's something to consider...Good luck!
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glad to hear im not the only one ...ive had all the test possible on my heart ....and nothing has been found ...only thing they havent done is go in and take a look ....along with that shaky nervous feeling and also feeling like im going to die ...i feel my heart beat in my neck and chest alot and not with a racing heart ...who knows , its really depressing ...i have nothing that would make me anxious...do you feel the same? maybe i should get on some anxiety meds ?
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Yeah, I would definitely ask your doctor...see what he says. Also, do you drink caffeine? I had to stop drinking soda, tea, etc. You might want to quit caffeine if you drink it. That will help your heart not to flutter as much as well. And worrying about the symptoms made me feel worse. But yeah, I didn't really have anything to be so anxious about. When it first happened I was like 19, in college, and having fun. So it definitely took a long time to make me think that it could just be anxiety. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon!
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If you don't want to start with medication, ask for a referral to a cognitive-behavioral therapist. They have a really amazing track record dealing with anxiety disorders; huge success rate. Usually they start with breathing exercises. If you want to know what breathing exercises are like, try these:
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im 15 and its not really a flutter im just aware of my heart it seems to be so loud or hard i can feel it in my chest neck jaw/cheek causing anxiety lipid panel-good blood pressure-usally 134/74 and bpm-72-85
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ive felt really faint and my heart starts to race at night,and i get butterfly feelings for no reason and my breathing sometimes plays up,ive had this since the rugby world cup final afew months back,ive just turnt 24 and i dont know what it is,when i have a good drink session the next few days i feel really really bad,can any1 help me and know what it is email me on ***@****,,,,,,,,,,   cheers guys
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I've had that shaky chest discomfort for a couple of months now.  I thought it was heart palpitations and I thought I was having a heart attack.  I'm only 23 with high blood pressure from pregnancy.  I can't lay down because that just makes it worst.  It keeps me up all night and the doctor put me on Zantac and said it was because of my stomach and that when I lay down my stomach pushes up against my chest and that's whats causing the shaky feeling.  I haven't taken the medicine yet but I notice that when I have caffeine or bean products it comes back up again.  Maybe getting rid of those items will help you.
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anxiety! anxiety! anxiety! classic symptoms. perfect age. you've had all the tests. all the tests came back negative. this is good. i need to know why your doctor(s) have not talked to you about ANXIETY!!!!!!! they have ruled out physical reasons, but are totally ignoring your mind, your life, YOU. typical. spend some time researching anxiety attacks and panic disorder. you will find your symptoms and yourself in those pages. i think your doc should have tried you on a short course of some anti-anxiety med to see if that eased your symptoms and would have been given you some peace of mind. therapy is also something to think about, but you need to get someone to really listen to you about your symptoms first, get those under control so you can think straight and get on the path that will be best for you. educate yourself first and then find another doctor. one who will the treat the "whole" you. keep us posted. i am 56, have had panic disorder since I was 13, have been on every med and tried every therapy out there. i am a an expert! lol I am here alot if there is anything you want to talk about. (be sure and check out the symptoms of perimenopause! anxiety high on that list) good luck, hang in there. i care.
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Hi my name is Donna and I have been trying to find people you can answer some of the symptoms that I have. About 3 years ago out of no where I started gettingweird symptoms. I would get a tingling feeling through my body kinda electrical. It would scare me so bad that I would get sick and vomit. My day was done I was so scared that I would lay in bed. I had every test they would come back normal. They said I had anxiety and panic disorder. I am so hypersensative to meds that everyone I took they took me off. The only one that has work is Ativan 2 x a day and Lexapro
(gained 40 lbs) Things got better but I still get those weird feelings. I also had a mitral regrugatation with my heart that was a stage 3 and they almost did open heart surgery. I went back a month later and the Cardiologist at Mayo said in his 30 years of practice has never seen it dissapear. So I am blessed with that but still worry about the weird feelings. So any info you might want to pass along will be greatly appreciated.
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My symptoms felt like anxiety in my chest (I was 59).  A thallium stress test showed a severe blockaged in an artery which was stented within days.  However, the anxiety-feeling still returns and I now know it's GERD and I'm helped by OTC Prilosec.  Think it was just a lucky accident that the GERD symptoms showed a serious blockage.  Heartburn doesn't feel like chest pain to me; it feels like anxiety.
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I'm new here and hope I can state my problems  clearly. I'm 59, had West Nile last August with Minengitious. I nearly died. I had been down in bed for the previous 2 years with extream weakness and a fibromyalgia pain. I swear I have post polio, but I can't get any doctor to believe in it. NOW I have been getting better and stronger since they fed me tons os intravainiuos antibiotics while in my 9 day in the  hospital with the West Nile. In the past 2 weeks I have small hives on various parts od my body, feel like I am anxious until my blood pressure meds kick in and feel like I have to take extra big glups of air to breath. I feel shaky and nervous all over but mostly in the lower part of my body. I have no idea...this is weird and I KNOW the doctors here will tell me to take more meds or change the only meds I've found that help my pain. Can pain meds cause this reaction after taking the same ones for over 2 years? Any input is welcome. I don't think it's all in my head, this itchy rah is awful. I can have 3 spots together or one spot on the chest and another one on my stomach, with 3 or 4 in a group on my leg and hip.
Thanks---BJ in Colorado
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well im 35 male and started to have this dang axiety AGAIN i was fine for a long time then i have stopped working out for about a month or so went back to the gym ran really hard , i was so outta shape i was coughing and choking almost fainted then my dang axiety started up  again been a week now,, this ***** ***,, right now im drinking a beer cuz that really helps, also what helps is sleep, and another thing that helps, you might think its sounds stupid is sex (an orgasm) .. anyway i need to get to my kids football practice hopefully i dont panic there and think im gonna die this beer should help.. good luck people try to relax its only a mind thing
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I am 44 male. And for the last 20 months I've done more than 20 ER visits with chest discomfort and chest nervousness. I did a thalium stress test that showed a "little" bit of scar tissue "the cardiologist" said my heart was not the problem.
I kept having the chest pain (not bad pain) and nervousness in my chest and spine and sometimes shoulder blades. And eventually they did a heart cath and it turned out good no problems. Cardiologist said I had a "little" bit of build up but basically AGAIN says my heart is fine. Before the cath he made it clear he was doing the cath only because I was having chest pain.
I've had dozens of ekg's and a chest c-scan all all turn up nothing.

But I'm barely able to work. I drive a truck and the bouncing feels like its killing me. I do have anxiety issues and have seen several therapists over the years and am on a couple of meds.
It seems like I need to be around nice people and have recently gone back to church which is helping.
But at the same time I constantly question and wonder if the  cardiologist is being honest with me. I mean "scar tissue" on your "heart" and NOT TO WORRY??
He says its very little but that doesn't calm me at all ESPECIALLY when my chest feels very nervous.
The thing that helps me so far is I've noticed that turning down the music in my truck helps the nervousness often. And that has opened my eyes to the impact of anxiety on my chest.
Its hard for me to "forget" about this scar tissue.Even though dozens,literally dozens of ER docs have told me to do so.

Sometimes all I can think about is my funeral. I know I have to catch myself and reject  that line of thinking. But its hard to feel like you have a future when your chest is so nervous and nothing you can do sometimes helps at all.

I usually have a couple days a week that I actually can relax and enjoy my life.
This started slowly about two years ago. I think my nerves are so shot it seems the smallest thing can cause me to have to stop whatever I'm doing and focus mainly on calming down.
And with all of this I still  question "is my heart failing etc" and the cycle just continues.
Thankfully I have a good boss who lets me work when  I want but I have to pay the bills.
Thanks everybody for your story.
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I am feeling real nervous and don't know why but I smoke could that be it

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Hey Everyone,

I am in a huge problem. And I really need some help. I am 24 years old and I just entered professional school. When I received admission to this professional school, I was really happy, but I was really nervous because I knew I was going to be challenged toughly by coursework and professors.

My sister and her kid visited me in October. Her kid is crazy and I love playing with him, but I really had to study, so I went to the library. I started to overeat at the library and not exercise so much, to the point that I started to get heartburn. Over the December break, I took Acid Suppressants, which helped temporarily, but when I have stress they no longer work and I start to get burning.

Lately, I been getting really tense with the new program. Like I feel I can never relax because I am not sure if things are going to go well. I am in Pharmacy and theres alot to learn. Sometimes, I feel like asking other students if they are as nervous as me, but Im scared if Im the only one. My stomach has been getting worser and worser with the burning, and I have been visiting the doctor once a week. Like I am not sure what to do, I feel really nervous all the time - like I have stopped eating things I usually eat and have even lost some weight. Also, the nervous and the stomach problems are all coming from the program I amm in and My parents are putting alot of pressure on me not to drop it - but Im killing myself.

I really dont want to drop it, but I'm not feeling well.

Has any other Pharmacy or professional school students faced this....everyone is welcome to respond, I really need to be more + in life and when I keep the burning it kills me.

Please HELP,

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I have had the same thing for over 2 years, but just recently it's getting worse and i have convinced myself that it's because my "heart condition" is worsening. I have had a 24 hour holter monitor twice, a ecg, and a echo all came back farely normal besides some pvc's and tachycardia. I was just started on prozac 10mg i am hoping it works soon as i feel like i am either going to lose my mind or die! im 27 years old, my resting hr is usually atleast 100bpm, i wish the doctors would give me every heart test there is so i could have peace of mind, im also a nurse so it actually makes it worse knowing more about diseases! if anyone wants to talk i would love to ***@****
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under 1 year ago I suffered a panic / anxiety attack, very much out of no where , I was sitting at my desk at home and noticed I was taking deep breaths for no reason then bang!! My heart was going fast and I felt like passing out my body felt crazy! I and my friend waked to A&E and was seen by a nurse , they looked at my blood sugar , connected me up to look at my heart and they listened to my heart and lungs , all was normal.

I still was feeling odd after that so i booked to see my gp who sent me back to A&E and again I was seen by nurse and a Dr, the Dr said it looks more like anxiety etc and was meant to inform my gp with what his view was and ordered a blood test.

I went back to my GP and they done the blood test, a week later I was called back and all was normal with my blood. However all my GP told me was it was all mental and I need to relax, I was like erm ok, It's not much help lol/

Well it's been just under 1 year and I get this feeling most of the time each day , There are time's when I feel back to normal. However I still get that horrid feeling in my chest and belly leading up to my throat at times its that '' job interview '' feeling. Sometimes very rarely I feel like my head gets all light headed and that leads me to panic , however i deal with that now, but I hate feeling like this and this makes you much more aware of the heart beats and its all getting on my nervs lol . I worry i will die, I know it's crazy but it does make you think that. lol

I seem to take deep breaths at times  like sighing . and dry throat . But my GP did not offer any meds. and I have not been back for a while,..
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PS: I am 29 years old :)
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Im 27 years old. I drink occasionally and smoke when I do. For the past 2 days I've been having this terrible nervous feeling. More or less what everyone else is describing here. It's happened to me before but never this close together. A few months ago I went to the doctor to get things checked out they hooked me up to an EKG machine and said all was well. I also had a 24 heart monitor and was told to write down the times when the abnormal feeling would occur. I did so and about a week later got back the results saying nothing was out of the ordinary. I have no family history of anxiety disorders or anything. I get to the point where Im terrified, I feel like Im about to pass out but never do, and there have even been times when I was so conscious of my heart beat I would think it stopped when I would calm down a little and I would be frantically looking for a pulse thinking I was about to die.(restarting the cycle) It's the most terrible feeling I could imagine. I've been looking it up alot recently on different medical sites and the only thing I found that semi helps is to put your mind in a different place (since obviously your mind is feeding your negative thoughts, increasing your anxiety)  It helps to know there are others who know and understand what this is like and that your not alone. Thanks for all the great advice here.

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Also, this site has some good information.

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Hello Tim,

I drink a few time a month and might have a fag or two a month ( I've stopped now as from last week ) I get what you get but every day more or less. You feel your heart beating and I mean you feel it on your chest . Lat October I went to see family in Malta and I was in TopMan and I felt like I was going to pass out so I sat down and just said to my self F! this!! and tried to switch my mind to a different direction. I know the feelings well now, from the nervous feeling in my chest and throat and belly, to the heart beating and dry mouth. If I am home and this happens I tend to go for a walk or play a dance cd something just to get my mind in a different direction. You know at one point I was always thinking about death  and that I was going to die from a heart attack because of this.  Do you have that deep breath issue? Well most of the time I tend to take deep breaths like sighing , kind of. I notice that sometimes if I take a single deep breath ( its like yarning / sighing ) when i release out I feel the heart beat heavy , very strange feeling. But the thing is we need to lay off fatty foods , cafine ( Coffee , cola etc ) and retrain our self... be active . Let me know how you get on ok . Hope your well
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Well i'm not alone,..great.. I am much older then all of you,but i have been searching for years what is going on with me.For starters my Mother had this feelings since I can remember so i was told it is hereditary.I masterd Panic Attackes (exuse my english) I went to  a support Group and bought a good Book there is nothing to fear but fear itself.Iam free now,but i have to battle new problem dont know when it will hit me ,but mostly it will happend at night i wake up from my sleep and oh no here we go again.A weird feeling ,heart is pounding I start to cough feel i have to throw up( and will ) have to go to the bathroom all symphtoms of a real heartattack.after one hour or so its over and you feel so scaren and week.But i found out that if i have allot of exiting things happening to me during the day this will more likely bring on a attack.its like my brain will store this and it will be released during the night.Exiting things mean going to a concert i get very nervous and tense. it use to not bother me.And then these thoughts of dying and my biggest worry is always what if....well i was told when my brain starts getting any of thes negative thoughts try to switch your mind and if that does not work start singing then ur brain cant deal with these thoughts.also when your heart races...do these breathing exercises..inhale to the count of 4.. then exhale through a slightly open mouth to the count of 6..count to 2 and repeat...this will slow your heart rate down and it also relaxis you. Good Luck to All
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I've been having the exact same symptoms. I'm 20/female and I've always suffered a little bit from anxiety but lately it has been taking over my life! I've been very depressed because I can't find a CNA job and I got my CNA last July! I feel like my schooling went to waste. I've been staying home alot due to my depression and this hasn't helped my anxiety one bit. I feel sick all the time. Achey, headache, nervousness, upset stomach, and my period is all whacked out. My heart beats really fast after I eat sometimes and lately my anxiety won't even let me sleep. I fall asleep for maybe 20 mins then I wake up REALLY fast and it feels like my chest and body is trembling, it scares me so bad. I always think Im going to have a heart attack. I struggle with being overweight so I know Im not the healthiest but I dont drink, smoke, or drink any soda. I drink tons and tons of water. I tell my mom I am going to call the doctor but she says its all in my head and that Im just a hypochondriac. I feel like nobody understands what I am going through :(
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