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pain in left side of chest and left side of upper back

hi, iv got severe pain in my left side of my chest, which goes around to the left side of my upper back, it is taking my breath away at times, and is very uncomftable, its as if its going right through my left breast to my back, any ideas please
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Not sure which side but I know gallbladder pain can go through the front to the back. And liver pain also, but it's on the right I believe. Very benign things can cause this, including muscle related stuff. Usually nothing.
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Hi am expiriencing the same exact pain as you!  I have very back pain in my upper back next to and under my left shoulder blade, and I have the pain in my chest too, that feels like it is radiating through my back into my chest, right in my left breast.  It hurts especially bad when I take a deep breath or sneeze.  I also have very bad neck pain.  My boyfriend says that I have muscle spasms and twitches in my back when I am sleeping, and I know during the day I will have muscle spasms in my back and neck as well.   I have been researching all of my symptoms online, and I read a website that said the muscle spasms and twitching in the neck with cause pain in the upper left hand of the back and the pain will reach around to the front of the chest too.  I think that the repetitive motion of me twitching my neck and back is causing the muscles to become very sore and that is what my pain is from.  Are you also having muscle spasms or any twitching that you are aware of? Or are you doing any repetitive movements in your neck or back?
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I have been experiencing a similar problem as well for two months.  My mammogram came back fine, well I do have some calcifications that haven't changed over the past 4 years, non-suspicious per the radiologist and a breast specialist, they didn't feel that it warranted an ultrasound.  

My pain started as soreness in left breast, numbness in my pinkey fingers and moving pain in my left shoulder, sometimes as a burning sensation, other times and a dull ache.  My lab work showed that I had an infection, I tool antibiotics, but no releif from the breast and back pain.  At one point my GP thought that it was a rib out of line (I was on crutches for several months).  Occasionally feel pain in my left arm.

Anyone get a diagnosis as of yet, I see that others have had similar pains in this forum.  I am ready to go back to all doctors and beg for a  MRI.  
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hi i am megan i am a 14 year old female
the reason why i am writing is for about 4to5 days ive been having pain in my left breast of shooting pain going to the left side of my upper back right next to my shoulder blade.
i'm very concerned if any dr has an answer please let me know!!!!
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i've been feeling a weird thing its like chest pain but more in my left breast i feel somethind deep in it like this pinching tightness in my left breast i 've had a mamagrom and everything normal, they checked my heart and fine, i get this pain in my left breasr like a tingling pain that really hurts and i have to hold my left breast i,ve been holding my left breast nonstop for like 2 weeks cuz the pain is unbearable i feel like a vein or something is't rite anyone have any ideas? also i havent carried anything heavy
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Back in July, I was diagnosed with pericarditis, which is when the envelope around your heart swells up. They found this by checking the enzymes in my heart. Just last week, I was having those chest pains again, but this time, all test, x-rays, and CT scan came back normal. Any advise?
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