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painless long lump in lower right abdomen

Hi! I am a 22 yr old female. i have a long, sausage shaped lump in my lower right quadrant of the abdomen. i can almost feel movement in it..and  it is sometimes hard, and sometimes soft and imperceptible. Also, it is absolutely painless, but move-able. I noticed it because i could feel it under my skin. It does not cause me any discomfort, but im just worried as to what this is?

please, please help me. I'm very anxious
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Okay at first I was going to say appendix, but if it is not hurting you then that is doubtful. If it starts to really hurt and you begin showing symptoms of a fever you need to go to ER/A&E straight away as your appendix may be inflamed and must come out before it erupts as this can cause septisemia (not sure of my spelling!) However if this lump is painless it could be some type of Hernia, my Dad had one a few years ago. I think they are normally higher up in the abdomen but I don't know that for sure. They are solved very easily by a small operation. You should go and see your doctor as soon as you can. Hope you get well!x
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You need to see your doctor  but it sounds like it could be a hernia....
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I have had this all my life.  Mine can be as short as my pinky finger or as long as my entire palm.  But, yes, it's just like a big lumpy sausage.  When I was a teenager, I thought I had a tumor, but one day I was having my physical and had my doctor feel it. Because it gets larger and smaller, and is harder and softer at times, she explained that it was my colon.  Mine will ball up the size of a softball first thing in the morning as the colon starts activating.  
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This sounds to me like something not too serious, because of the fact, that it goes between softer/harder and Smaller/longer, feels movable, feels lumpy, is not painful and you are not showing any other signs of illness. What it sounds like to me is it's your lower intestine/colon. When you feel the urge to go #2, try this, lay on your back  (stretched out) and feel the lump, notice how it feels (hard,soft,long,short?) then do the same thing after you use the bathroom, take notice of how it feels now. Do this a few times during the next week or so. I'm thinking, if it stays in a pattern (bigger before you go #2 smaller after) you will have your answer!  If you begin to get pain, or any other symptom appears, see your doctor for sure. Good luck!
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Thank you everyone for ur reassuring replies. i hope its not anything serious and im just feeling my colon. Im absolutely healthy, have no pains or discomfort and my bowel movements/habits are normal too. Its just that today morning i noticed that the right side (around the navel) has a slight, very slight bulge.

I hate going to the doctor. And im very worried.
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