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about a year ago i got ringworm from a kitten. i was treated and it cleared up about a month later. however a few months after that in the same spot i had it before it began to flare up again. although not in the same ring shape, still a circle but the center was solid with the rash. soon the rash began to spread all over my body is small hive like clusters. i went to the doctor and they prescribed me fluconazale to clear up the ringworm. and some prednisone for the other rash that they believed was not related to the ringworm. now almost a year later i am in the same spot. however much worse. most of the spot on my arm that had ringworm is way bigger and inflamed. hive spots all over my body especially on my “love handle” areas on my sides. also under my arms and on my thighs. it has now even spread to my nipples. i have no idea what this could be and my doctor has only told me to go to dermatologist. however every office within and hour radius has at least a 3 month waiting list. i can not wait this long. it is painful to move. very itchy and not a pretty sight as i have to wear long sleeves and pants. please help. i went to urgent care for it and all they did was prescribe the fluconazole again which is not working at all. thank you.
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So sorry about your suffering.

My skin fungal infection, not ringworm, was cleared with an antifungal prescription cream, selsun blue shampoo daily (full body) and coconut oil (both oral and topical), avoidance of sugars, most carbs and alcohol.

In your case, there are a few possibilities:

1.The original ringworm was not fully cleared and it progressed to more severe fungal infection.
2. You developed a secondary bacterial infection
3. Bartonella henselae  causes  cat scratch disease (CSD), which is associated with exposure to cats, especially kittens, and their fleas.
If this is the case indeed,you could have the classic cutaneous type of CSD, in the absence of other symptoms.

Consider inquiring about distance consultation with
a Dermatologist who offers skype/video consultation,
but you would need a computer with a good quality camera, which can transmit high resolution video.

Do a trial run with a close friend, who could play dermatologist at the other end and give you some feedback as to the quality of the video.
If the rash on your skin, shows well with all the characteristics visually distinguishable, then this plan might work in the end.
Some research covering related dermatological conditions, specially images, might be helpful.
And should a skin biopsy be required, you can co-ordinate this with your PCP in your town.

Just a suggestion, considering your limitations.

Leaving this skin infection untreated for another 3 months, is risky to my opinion..

Best wishes,
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Hello~I am so sorry you are still suffering with this issue. I just read "The Lightseekers" post, he just about covered it all. I would certainly take his advice. I don't think it is wise to wait another 3 months, getting an infection could make matters worse, plus, could lead to other problems.

When my doctor thought I had some fungal issues, she told me to bathe in Selsun Blue shampoo daily(she was a naturopath and very knowledgeable). There is also a great natural product called "Caprystatin" this is very good for fighting fungal infections, derived from Coconut oil, it can be purchased at any health food store and there are many good sources on line as well. One question: has the doctor checked you for Candida?
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