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Skin in my blood clots?

I am taking birth control and I currently spotting. My spotting has turned into almost a full on period. I am not worried about this, what I am concerned about is that I found an extra large blood clot in the toilet paper. I was really concerend because it looked like it was part of my Labia. I had Labiaplasy about 2 years ago and I thought I had last some of it, but when I looked down I was fine, no missing pieces, nothing. Is it normal to have blood clots that look like skin and to be that big? I have never had this before so I am really worried.
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Same exact thing happened to me as it did tarrah87... that's why I'm no longer on birth control.
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As long as you are not pregnant shouldn't be a big deal.

Your birth control is not effective.
You shouldn't be spotting and your dose needs to be adjusted.

Of course you still will have a period while on your 7 day "blanks" and may have a little bleeding proir.

Anyway, your labia isn't going to fall off. And blood clots can look like anything.

Make sure you've had your pap smear. BCP's will not protect you against STD's and talk to your OB about your pills.

Dr. Gibson
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i had the skin/tissue n my blood as well, they said it was the fetus forming
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i had something similar happen to me started out as spotting then a huge blood clot that scared me to death i did not know what is was... i went to the er and was told i had a miscarriage and i was on birthcontrol as well and did not even know i was pregnant
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