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MEDICAL EMERGENCY- CALL YOUR DR. or 911! This forum is for questions and support regarding urgent care issues such as: Abscess, Angina, Animal Bites, Bronchitis, COPD, Cuts, Flu, Food Poisoning, Heart Attack, Mono, Influenza, Laceration, Nausea, Pneumonia, Rabies, Sports Injuries, Strep.
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The other day I had a really bad attack of some kind. First of all I had a really strong pain like I really had to go to the bathroom, i...
Ok my niehbor gave me what I thought was coke. And aver since then I have had severe chest pains on just the left side of my chest under ...
My 16 yr old son is experiencing pain in his upper body, side area. Would it be ok to administer 4 advil and a half a vicodin to relieve...
Hi there, today is Sunday June 29th, on Friday June 27th at around 12:30 in the morning, I woke up with a bad upset stomach, and vomited ...
Seeking advice. I found a lump in my forearm a little over a week ago. The lump is located (palm-side up) about 2-3 inches below my elb...
I have an umbilical hernia and I weigh about 377lbs. I think I did it when i was moving a machine at work. Anyway, I went to a surgeon...
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