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Can it be my emotions, UTI, or pregnancy who delayed my period. Please help.

This is my second time getting UTI, i haven't got it treated becuase I'm scared. I had it becuase I had unprotected sex. I was not pregnant becuase he did the "pull out" method and it was only for a few minutes. I got my regular period, it didn't delay my period and I had my period, Normal, each three months. My first UTI was in April, I did home treating, but On July3 I had unprotected sex but got my UTI again on July 10, a whole week after. This time it isn't much of pain, it's on and off and now stomach pain as much. Again we did it for a few minutes and he couldn't "***" in me. I was suppose to get my period yesterday, but I didn't. Idk if it's delayed becuase of my emotions on this, but my first time I went through was much worse and didn't delay my period. Or I'm pregnant, we are both positive I'm not but I read UTI can effect the results of the pregnancy test. ( Btw when can I take it to have 99% accuracy it's a reliable answer? ) but the thing is, I'm not getting any pregnancy symptoms. Ofc the only one is the late period. But it's only been a day. Or it's my UTI delaying my period, I read that UTI is possible to delay your period, but low. It's only high chance with kidney infection and I haven't got lower back pain, or vomiting. Please help me.
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