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Chronic UTI

past history: Raped in 2012, chronic uti's every since- constantly on antibiotics. always tested positive for bacteria. I was also in adrenal fatigue and put on progesterone in 2015. I have had a cystoscopy in 2013- nothing. Misdiagnosed as interstitial cystitis. I have done diet changes, cut out everything and slowly added foods in to see over a period of a year. I tried taking d-mannose for over a year-had no improvement. I don't smoke or drink. I drink a lot of water and exercise as much as possible. I have seen a womens physical therapist that did do muscle  strain/counterstrain techniques on my pelvic floor- that did help tremendously with the pain I had from the rape incident- no effect on the infection ends. I have seen two specialist, but I cannot and won't give up that this is my fate. I do not want to be constantly on antibiotics and in pain for the rest of my life. What else can I do and or look into? Please I am almost willing to try anything at this point..
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