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UTI post infection inflammation but being told infection is now gone?

Hello. I am 38yrs old healthy with no significant health history. I have had about 6-8 utis over a 20yr span. The utis were always treated and went away after a course of antibiotics. However this past UTI I expierenced in October was totally different. I was out of town and felt the symptoms coming on decided to try and treat myself fluids, cranberry juice and Azo. When I got home 6 days later my symptoms were still present so I went to doctor. Urine culture was positive for E. Coli and entercoccus. I was put on Macrobid for 5 days didn’t help at all, was then switched to Cipro for 5 days. After 24hrs on Cipro all my symptoms went away. One week later my symptoms of a UTI retuned. Back to the doctors I went culture this time showed bacteria count less then 10,000. My doctor felt the infection was gone but I could be having bladder spasms. He give me spasm medication and referred me to a urologist. Fast forward another week still having UTI symptoms. Bladder medication for spasms was changed twice due to side effects. Saw urologist ct scan neg for stones and was otherwise normal, had blood work which was all normal. Had a cystoscope which showed inflammation at the bladder neck and urethra. Urologist said sometimes after a UTI the infection can be gone but inflammation remains and will go away with time and that the inflammation can cause UTI like symptoms. I was then placed on a low dose of Macrobid for 3 months. So now another month after cystoscope and 3 weeks on antibiotic and bladder control medication I have had good and bad days. Some days I feel good and normal then other days I feel like my symptoms are back. I have done a lot of reading to educate myself on how to get better so I changed my diet and have eliminated any bladder irritants, drink only water and started taking supplements to hopefully help heal the inflammed tissue. It has been a difficult time going through this. It has brought on a lot of anxiety and worry for me. Also the urologist said he does not think I have IC but rather irritation that needs time to heal. Any information or similar situations that resulted in a positive outcome I would love to hear. Trying to be as patient as possible and trust my doctors but it’s been 2 1/2 months since original infection.
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