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Bilateral Epididymal systs

I am 31yrs old and have been married since 2 yrs. We planned for not having kid for first year and later extended family planning for another six months. Now we thought that its the time to have a kid.

Recently I am getting pain in my left testis and consulted doctor and he suggested me under gone "Real time ultrasosnography of the Scrotum and Color Doppler Study".

Below are the detail:

Right Testis: Measures 4.8 x 2.2 x2 .5 cms. Normal in size and echotexture. No focal lesion. No surrounding free fluid.

Right Epididymis: Mesures 11 x 10 mm. Shows 8 x 5 mm epididymal cyst.

Left Testis: Measures 4.5 x 1.9 x 2.4 cms. Normal in size and echotexture. No focal lesion. No surrounding free fluid.

Left Epididymis: Shows multiple cysts, largest mesures 10x 6mm. Shows 8 x 5 mm epididymal cyst.

Bilateral varicocele seen with dilated veins measuring upto 3mm on valsalva.

- Bilateral normal testicular morphology.
- Bilateral Epididymal cysts.
- Bilateral varicocele.

1) What is the usual causes of above mentioned impressions?
2) Does this problem is very serious?
3) Is there any solution for this problem?
4) Will this problem affect my sex life?  
5) Will this problem will be passed to my child (if baby boy) or not?

Thanks in advance.

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Your epididymal cysts are unlikely to affect your fertility. Surgical removal runs the risk of causing sterility from the side of removal (right or left). These cysts are noncancerous and do not become so.
Your varicoceles are dilated veins draining your testes. Approximately 15% of men have these and about 15 % of them have decreased fertility on this basis. Try getting pregnant and if you do not achieve this in a year, see an infertility specialist.
These findings should not affect your sex lives.
I am unaware of these being passed to your children

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