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Bladder Stones

Last 5 years Prostatitis. Taken 3 times biopsy (The last biopsy was saturated i.e.  12 samples). One and a half years ago diagnosed 12 pea size stones in ihe bladder. Operation performed through the lower part of the stomach, through the prostate into the bladder and all stones were extracted. The soft tissue from the prostate was taken out. After 4-5 month of recuporation I returned to normal urological (NOT Sexual)  functioning. My urination is normal as it was years ago (once a night and with a strong stream).Question:  What possible implications , dangers 1 & 1/2 years  after operation? Can the PSA go up dengerously or the bladder stones return?
Thank you very much for your kind answer.  Emel353
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If the PSA goes up, you need to be rechecked.  The bladder stones can return if the condition that initially caused them hasn't changed.  Go ask your doctor!
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Dear Dr Choi, Thank you very much for your answer. I have already made an appointment in mid Nov with an Urologist. Thats the nearest possible time I could get. I would be gratful if I could get few more answers. Is biopsy taken on a scarred prostate? Is it possible that stones have been created 1 & 1/2 year after the operation? If yes, can an operation be perforformed a second time i.e. by opening the lower part of the stomach and making a cut in the prostate,
in case that the stones are as big as they were the first time (pea size) ? If
every thing goes OK, (like it was the firs time) is there a chance to recuporate relatively-normally like I did after the first operation?
Remindingig a much Oblidged and Gratful person, Emel353
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