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I am 76 year old man diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer. PSA was 14. CT showed mass in bladder which was prostate cancer which had s...
My foreskin is way tighter than before after a frenulectomy It´s been 2 days and today I finally retracted it to clean it. It´s way tig...
as a male in my 70s i will have a catheter for the rest of my life. which is best- bags where the urine flows "all the time" or a valv...
Usually I ejaculate fast, and I am afraid now of having premature ejaculation and I am 15 years and what I most afraid of that it will af...
Human sexuality is vast, wonderful, and sometimes freaky. There is one fetish called "ballbusting", which is more or less self-explanator...
I am a quite normal 19-year-old student. However, as far back as I can remember I've had my own somewhat peculiar sexual desire that can ...
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