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Could my kidneys damaged?

Hello, I am a 22 y/o female.  I've been feeling ill since late nov. I had gotten what I thought was the flu or something flu like, I felt very tired and weak, night sweats, heavy breathing and all of a sudden a very achy sore back pain down both sides of my back. I also felt like urinating alot, but not that much would come out. The idea of a cold plus some sort of UTI crossed my mind, for some reason I didn't worry about it too much. I started feeling a little better and the backpain was still there, but had subsided for the most part.

I went to a doctor who ran my blood and urine (I didn't mention the back pain). I didn't get to go over the tests until about 3 wks later. Meanwhile, I went really downhill. I felt VERY weak and short of breath. Had pressure in my abdomen and back, very dizzy and light headed.  He said everything looked good except my Iron was a bit low. So it took this to be the reason for the way I was feeling.

Long story short, I continued to feel horrible, just generally rundown. I miss most of December from work. My mother insisted that I see my grandparents' Doc. So I see him and he takes blood/urine, says to follow up in a month.

Within that space of time, I had to do an upper endo, a colonoscopy (both under full anesthesia), prepare with 2 rounds of fleet phospho-soda which gave me a bad burning sensation in my back, and five days of preventative antibiotics. I think this is alot for my body to endure in a short space of time, especially considering that I was rundown to begin with.

I go back to follow up with my grandparents doc a couple days ago. Says my bloodwork is good, the only thing he doesn't like is that my urine is cloudy. Drink water.

Mind you a whole month has passed since I took this test, and it was before i had my procedures or anything. If my urine was already showing cloudiness before this, could the things like the phleetphospo soda and anesthesia, antibiotics further affect my kidneys?

I'm getting very worried because I'm starting to think that I might have had a bad UTI or kidney infection (not the flu) in the first place and I just let it linger and get worse. Not to mention all the **** that my body has taken recently that might further damage them.

All the tests I've had seem to have ruled out ov cyst, colon problems (except for the spasms they saw in the colonoscopy), diabetes, thyroid.

I don't have the intense pain in my back much now, instead it's more of a stuffy congested feeling (if that makes sense). On my right side. It almost feels enlarged, I also have a very hard bump on my back, around my lower right rib cage. I still have trouble urinating (not much burning), and bloating around my low pelvic area.

I will see my primary tomorrow and have an appt for a urologist, but I am so nervous that something is wrong with my kidneys or bladder. I feel like I'm becoming a hypochondriac or something.
It's been 3 months since I first had symps, could my kidneys be bad?
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Unlikely that the phosphosoda and anesthesia would have damaged the kidneys.  However, untreated infection can do this.  If you are continuing to have lower back or flank pain, you can consider a kidney ultrasound to image the kidneys for possible damage.

Another way to look for kidney damage would be to evaluate the serum creatinine level - which I'm sure has already been done by your personal physician.

Another consideration would be to look elsewhere for back pain.  This can include musculoskeletal causes - and further evaluated with a back MRI or orthopedic referral.  

Followup with your personal physician is essential.

This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical advice - the information presented is for patient education only. Please see your personal physician for further evaluation of your individual case.

Kevin, M.D.
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