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Dorsal artery or deep dorsal vein thrombosis?

I have been dealing with an issue for the last 6 months following an injury during sexual intercourse. I have a large bulb that looks like a thrombosed vein. It is neither soft or hard. It looks pretty much like the "vein" in the middle (the big one) on this image that I found on wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Human_penis_shaft_and_glans.jpg

Following the injury, I have very little blood flow to my glans and corpus spongiosum. I also have a blockage on the left side of penis, making it curve to the left. Only the first 1/2 - 2/3rds of the penis gets erect now, while the last part basically stays soft until I manually stimulate it.

I am thinking there are three possible explanations for my symptoms:

1. Lymphangiosclerosis
2. Deep dorsal vein thrombosis
3. Dorsal artery thrombosis

I have found one other case of the #2, but none of the #3. Would either of these explain my symptoms? What would be the best diagnostic tool to make use of, CT Scan? Reason why I don't believe in the lymphangiosclerosis theory is that this shouldn't cause loss of blood flow to the glans and the corpus spongiosum along with the other erection problems I have. These parts are now basically non-functional.
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