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Frequent urination-problems?

  I am a healthy 40 year old male.  My problem is that I urinate very frequently.  While sleeping it can be up to 4-6 times per night, a normal night is probably 3 times.  During the day, I can urinate and then feel the urge to urinate again in as little as ten minutes, although this is not constant.  I recently went in for a complete physical exam and everything tested for was fine (blood tests, urinalysis, etc.).  No Prostate enlargement, no diabetes or other problems. My only concern at this point is whether I am free of any life or health threatining disease.  In your opinion do my symptons and test results warrant any more concern or testing?  Any advice?
Dear Steve,
There are a couple of conditions that come to mind when you speak of urgency and frequency.  First you need to rule out an infection or urinary stone.  Both of these conditions could cause frequency and urgency.  Due to the fact that your urinalysis was negative, these are less likely.  However an X-ray needs to be done to eliminate a urinary stone as a possibility.
A large fluid intake could also account for your symptoms and can readily be evaluated by keeping a diary of your input/output and times for each. A urine for specific gravity (a measure of urine concentration) can be obtained after a twenty four hour fast to rule-out a defect in your kidney
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