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Hard lump in scrotum

Couple weeks ago, i noticed a small, very hard lump in my scrotum sac, and now ive noticed a second. I've tried to research it online, and everything i've come up with deals with lumps or cysts, on or near the testicles (such as spermatocele cysts).

But the lumps i feel are nowhere near the testicles, they feel like very small and hard lumps (almost like tiny pebbles), just underneath the skin of the scrotum. They do not cause any pain or discomfort, but i would like to find out what they are. Any help would be appreciated, im sure they are most likely nothing, but i would still like to identify them in case i get any more.
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I have had one for a number of years. Just noticed another-like a small beebee.  My md said the first was nothing to worry about.  Have not seen him yet about the second.
Have you learned anything since posting this question?
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When was the last time you had a consult with regards to the lump?

How is the first lump? Is there any change in its character? Any pain or swelling in the area?

Lumps and bumps in the scrotum requires further evaluation.They may be normal structures within the scrotal sac however other conditions like a spermatocele or hydrocele have to be ruled out. If the lump does not change in size and has not caused symptoms for quite sometime this may not be something which requires urgent intervention. However, it is best to have an initial evaluation done.
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Weird, I myself also felt the same tiny, hard bump in my scrotum and days later I noticed that, that bump had split making teo now.  Then I had to pop it because it was turning like a pimple and it was painful.  I always get similar cysts in my body but this one I was concerned about.  What precausions should I take?
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I have had a hard painless lump at the top of my right testicle (inside the scrotum but attached to the testicle) for 12 years now; I had it checked initially and the GP said not to worry about it... it's gotten a little bigger though and is now; I'd say it went from the size of a peanut to a marble. I'd be interested to know what it is, if it could be cancerous or if it could turn into something cancerous-  should I ask my current GP to check it out and or get an ultrasound?

What are the chances it's bad vs. just a cyst?  (I know you have to say 'check it out', I will, but want to know the odds)
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i have recently discovered a hardish lump on the right side within the scrotum it itself is painless but its causing uncomfort, this uncomfort can be described as being hit as various times i feel this in my stomach i have no idea what it is!!!
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omg i have the exact save thing, small hard lump if i squeeze it i feel like i got the pain in the stomach after being ballsacked feeling
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Yeah, I have the same little bump on the left side of my scrotum.  Painless.  I've have it for a couple of years.  I plan having a physical soon.  I'll have my doctor check it out.
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What was it?
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What was it?
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Same thing here got an Ultra sound some years back and I can't remember what they said it was :/ .

It's hurting like a ***** right now, and I may have about 3 of them. They are located inside the scrotum not on the testicle but on the inner wall close to the leg. Very weird it gives that kick in the nuts pain every now and then.

The size is probably around 2mm less than half a grain of rice and you have to work your way to feel it. I also have varicocele on both to make matters worse....
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