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Kidney transplant

Hi , Are they any kidney Transplant people out there that we could compare notes with . I would love to hear from you .I am 6 years post tranplant and doing great with the very lowest does meds I can get by with . thanks for anyone wanting to share !
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Good luck finding someone here!
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I had my kidney Tx 1.9 yrs back,am on immunosuppressing drugs,my doubt is if I have my tablets regularly and have enough liquid(5 litres),is it possible to save my new kidney,or is there any other restrictions which I need to know ? Mine is a non-related donor.I'm having Vingraf 1 mg twice a day,Mofilet 360 twice a day and Wysolene 10 mg only in the morning.I'm 47 yrs old- female.
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I had my kidney transplant october 04 everything is good and I take neoral 75mg twice a day and azathioprine I stopped my steroids over 12 months ago and have since lost the 2 stone I put on with them.I don't really have any restrictions except for th e fact I have to stay pale and interesting!
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Hello.  I have been a kidney recipient for 1 year. The kidney is working okay, but my diabetes and Hypertension are out of control. I do take prograf 1mg twice a day and 750 ml of cellcept also twice a day.  My Nep. does not want to switch my meds. even if that I want to research for other immunosuppressing drugs that could be a better alternative for me. I have a high risk of losing my sight. I am happy for all those doing good after transplant.
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hi i wasn't to sure were to put this out all i knew is i would love to be a living donor ,
i have two very good kidneys and all i know is i want to give someone back there life
if i could by donating one of mine ,......
i have lost two of my children to suicide and i know what it is like to lose someone you love so dear to your heart ,......
if there is a d,r, out there or someone that can tell me what i need to know ,
or how to go about it i would be grateful ,.......
what dose bother me is, i do suffer with depression and im just wondering if that might  put a stop on it ,i have been thinking about this now for two years and i still feel the same ,....i want to help some to live if i can ,.......i would appreciate all the answers
on this if possible ,.......
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I want you to know that your way of thinking and your desire to save someone's life through your kidney donation is wonderful.  
If you are a healthy person I don't see why this would not be an option for you.  My goodness, there are many people out there hanging on to hope with the will to survive and not enough doners.  My boss is a kidney doner.  She is doing perfectly well with her one kidney.  It has been seven years now and she and the receipient are both doing very well.  Enter National Kidney Foundation to see how you can become a doner.  I will keep you in my prayers for health and happiness as well.  Dealing with death is hard enough but losing a child is extremely hard.  The fact that you want to turn this into something positive by giving someone else a chance is awesome.  I lost my niece when she was 21 years old to a car accident.  That was almost 3 years ago and I still have difficulties accepting her death. God Will give you your strength.  This is not a forum for grief but I do understand how it all connects.  God Bless  and please keep healthy so you can help someone else.  I always wanted to do that.... I offered my sister in law my kidney but I have too many diseases to do that.  I have Lupus & Sjrogens along with too many UTI's and Blood in my Urine.... These don't add up to good kidneys for donation...LOL... Please don't despair try to keep yourself busy and find a forum for parents who have lost their children.  Just type that up on your search engine and see if you find support groups or seek professional help...
Comforting Hugs and Blessings to you....
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thank you for you kind words but im already in the loss and grief and the depression forum ,........no i just wanted to know if it was possible to donate ,because of my depression ,.....and as you have said it shouldn't  be a prob il go and find out what i should do ,.thank you so much for answering me ,......
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