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Non stop kidney infections nothing is working to prevent them

30years born with bilateral kidbey reflux not detected till 3 years old after many utis aged 5 had bilateral ureter reimplantion

Chronic uti and kidney infections all my childhood in and out of hospital lost right kidbey due to scaring from infections removed in 2012

Fowlers syndrome now had bladder removed and a urostomy and stoma created

Tried prophylactic antibiotics many times now switching between 2 differnt ones each month also on hiprex and vitamin c with it as suggested but keep getting kidney infections 2 a month I'm at my whits end we don't know what causing them to keep coming back and also need a lot of admissions for iv antibiotics I'm just so exhausted from the constant infections has anyone else been in this situation I'm in the UK and under a specialist urologist who put me on the two prophylactic antibiotics treatment plan what other options are there I lnow there's uromune but isn't avaliable to me

Thank you for any advice
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Man, you've been through the ringer. I wish I had answers for you but your situation is complex. I have read that drinking plenty of water can help. Sounds so simple but surprisingly people often don't pay attention to this. I assume you give special care to cleanliness? Both equipment used and skin around the stoma? I would guess you've already been told to stop alcohol consumption and caffeine. Empty pouch when 1/3 to half full max. There's also something called a hernia belt which can help. Ask your doctor about that
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