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Not able to pee after delivering the baby

My wife two weeks ago deiverd a beautiful baby and after the delivery my wife's bladder was not emptied by nurses (which was very bad care by nurses at hospital). Becuse of this she accumulated lot of urine and her bladder got exhausted and she is not able to pee and urologist said it needs time to recover...... we have been going through trauma

She was catherized twice for 4 days each and was not succesful in peeing. Urologist finally suggested to self Cathederize and told that it will eventually come back and said it might take a day a week or months...

After starting self cathing she started getting the urge to pee when ever her bladder gets filled with 350-400ml of urine but she is not able to pee.. we have been self cathing from 4 days now...

My wife is severely depressed and worrid that this is going to happen permanently and she will not be able to pee anymore.....

My question is

1. Initially she never had a urge to pee but now she has urge to pee whn bladder gets to 350ml-400 ml of urine.. is this a good sign
2. She is getting urge but she is not able to pee... is this beause of any muscles or linings that got damaged in her bladder
3. Are there any scenarios where patients were able to pee normally after overexpanded baldder

My wife is 26 years old can you please let us know what are her chances of recovery....

We have another appointment with another set of Urologists this Thursday.... can you please suggest what kind of lab tests we can take to get her bladder checked thoroughly during our appt with Urologist this Thursday

I am eagerly waiting for your reply ... please respond back
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I understand your concern. Your wife’s urinary retention will most like resolve on its own but it is important to keep her bladder from becoming overfilled until it is working properly.  She needs to keep her total bladder volume below 300 ml at all times. By that I mean that if  she is able to urinate 150 ml, then she should not have more than 150 ml. additional in her bladder. She needs to self catheterize on a timed schedule, not wait until she has the urge to void. Usually people need to do CIC every four hours, day and night.
There is no medicine that will speed up the process. I would not do any further testing right now, but rather wait and see how she is doing at a month. If her symptoms persist, then I would do a urodynamic study, evaluating her sensation, bladder pressures, capacity, ability to empty . Most antihistamines and decongestants should be avoided as they may effect bladder function.
Good luck and hang-in there!
S.A.Liroff, M.D.
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