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Pelvic, testicular and inner thigh pain

I am a 20 year old male. Two months ago I went on a 20 km ride on my road bike. I had a lot of discomfort in my pelvic region throughout the ride. Once I got home I noticed an odd lump around the base of my penis. My left testicle had ascended into the canal. I lightly pressed on the lump and my testicle dropped. For the rest of the night I was uncomfortable and visited the emergency clinic to be sure that I hadn't done any damage. The doctor did a short physical exam, was satisfied, and offered that it may have been a nerve impingement. Since that time I have had periods of discomfort around the pelvic region, periodically. It feels almost like a "ghost" testicle has ascended into the canal. After having that short physical my mind was put at ease and I brushed off any discomfort as residual nerve effects.

About 6 days ago I noticed a hard lump - about the size of a pea - between my scrotum and anus. It is not painful and has slowly been getting smaller. I think it may be a cyst but I mention it as its incidence comes at a bad time (read on). Also during this time I have been having bouts of pain in my pelvic region, around the area of my left testicle and along my upper, inner left thigh. THIS IS MY MAIN CONCERN AND REASON FOR THIS POST. The pain is about 3/10, but the discomfort is 5/10. I can not find any unusual masses on either testicle and they look fine to me. No noticeable swelling. They are not tender to the touch but moving my testicles around from the left side or from below can be uncomfortable. Sitting readily brings on the symptoms, laying down helps. Oddly, touching the pubic hair above and to the left of my penis can be quite uncomfortable, even painful, but only sometimes. The pelvic, testicular and inner thigh pain, all along the left side, are my main symptoms.
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Thanks for posting your query.

First of all, you need to check whether you are having any abscess or boil in the pubic hair which is causing pain in the area and also radiating pain in the testicles. Boils are caused by infection of the hair follicle by staph aureus.

If there is no boil in the area then other causes need to be investigated. It could be due to excessive bicycle riding in your case. The other causes are infection (Epididymitis or Orchitis) or inflammation, testicular torsion -- most common in young men between 10 and 20 years old, hernia or kidney or ureteric stones.

In your case, you need to be properly examined and investigated to pinpoint the diagnosis.

Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon.

Wishing you good health.

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