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Penis Swelling with No Pain and No other Issue!

Hello everyone, I will try to describe my issue as briefly as possible.

Last Sunday, I suddenly noticed my Penis is swollen. The swelling was on the shaft and just to the middle of it and not on the tip of the penis. On touching, it was like hollow ball filled with air. I felt No pain, no blockage in Urination and no other issue at all. I went to sleep and in the Morning, 90% swelling disappeared but appeared again only after a few hours of standing.

I went to a local Urologist and he addressed it as "Idiopathic Swelling of External Genitalia". Also, he strictly advised me to keep both the Penis and Scrotum upwards, (in an elevated position) using an underwear. Doing so, helped the swelling to go away totally overnight. In Medicine, the Urologist only prescribed Fexofenadine HCL + Renitidine and said I have No infection, so no need for an antibiotic.

Next day, I got my Abdominal and Scrotal Ultrasound and the reports came 100% clear. 2 Days later, the Urologist set me CLEAR and asked me to stop elevating and the medicine too. But only after 5 hours of keeping the Penis and Scrotum in Normal position, the Swelling appeared again, just like on Day-1. The Urologist has again advised me to just keep it elevated for 2 more weeks with the same medicine.

There are 2 causes, I should mention here. 4 days before the issue, I started Gym with extreme Abdominal Exercises and 2 Days before the issue, I masturbated while I had extreme Muscles pain in my abdomen and back. The muscles were very stiff at that time.

Please advise, what has been damaged in my body and what could be the reason? I am feeling so helpless because my Urologist didn't answer my questions properly and I am not sure If he has advised me the proper medical procedure that I am following. I am afraid, if after 2 weeks when I remove the underwear, I may get the swelling again. In the elevated position, Swelling doesn't appear at all. Not during taking showers, or urination, etc.

Looking forward to your quick help, please? Thank you!
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Well, since wearing tighter (I assume) underwear & keeping the scrotum & penis well supported seems to be helping, I would just continue to do that, then from time to time, if you prefer looser underwear like boxers, try it for a while but if the swelling returns, resume wearing supportive underwear. Some boxer-briefs provide good support...
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