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Persistent left testicular pain since last 5 months

History of torsion (right) in 2003-orchidectomy
Weak urine flow since 2007
Ultrasound- Mild grade 1 varicocele (left. Mild thickening of left spermatic cord and vas deferens. Rest normal
Non specific prostatitis in TRUS
Pelvic MRI normal- with coarse irregular outline around left testicle
Mild discomfort during prostatic massage
Tenderness at lower point in left testicle (near epididymitis).
Testicle size normal in US and physical examination
Sometimes pain in rectum/anus post ejaculation or prolonged erection
Testicular pain increases during travel and long sitting

Consulted all big urologist- They are not sure of the specific reason behind testicular pain- Chronic Prostatitis, Varicocele, Epididymitis or due to tender point where left testicle was fixed at scrotum during torsion
Have been on long medications- Zanocin, Amicacin, Levofloxacin, Farobact, Bacstol (Trimethoprim), Contiflo, Cranbac-D but testicular pain is not going away.

P. S. I had sexual vaginal intercourse (with condom) and had NGU (mild inflammation urethra) immediately after intercourse. It got well but after 2 days of Zanocin, but then testicular pain started and since then there has been no cure. Please suggest.

I feel pain in lower testicle (like inflammation) and not in entire scrotum. Mainly, it seems to be localised at lower pole of testcile. Most of the time, pain also radiates to thigh back side. Pain increases on long sitting and commuting in vehicle.and is slightly relived on laying down on bed.
When doctor do physical examination, they find tenderness in lower pole of testicle/epididymis but no inflammation anywhere.
I also feel pain in rectum/prostate many times (especially after ejaculation or during prolonged erection). When this pain happens, testicle pain is reduced.
Rarely I feel pain in groin. When this happens, I also feel slight pain in penis.
To be honest, pain is very illusionary. Might be suffering from multiple problems. But constant 24X7 testicle pain is my biggest concern
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