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  I've been suffering from accute priapism for the past 6 years. I have undergone numerous (30 or so, and painful too)check-ups and diagnoses, with different andrologists/urologists, but to no avail. I take "Androcur" pills to get along.
  I get very painful erections during the night, punctually towards the end of every month. The pennis is very very rigid (more than the normal sexual intercourse errection) and cold. The pain extends from the anus (inclusive) through the base of the pennis up to its tip. And the lateral muscles of the pennis. When the erections occur, I can neither urinate nor stool and I have a great urge to vomit (not nausea, though!) and fart. I get several attacks per night, ie., as soon as I fall asleep again.
  In order to let the erection go down (it takes 2/3 hours to go down) I have to get out of bed and WAKE up completely, ie., endure in some reasoning activity (such as write a document/report, play complex computer games, read, etc.) in the middle of the night. Musclar activities (gym, physical education, jogging, stretching, etc.) have no effect. Not even a cold bath! When I start farting it's good news: it means that the erection plus the excruciating pain is going reciding.
  There are early warning signs before the attack: I am not able to stool 2/3 days before the attack. After the first night of attack, I take 2 pill of ANDROCUR 50 (it's a hormone, my urologist told me), one per day, and I get along until the end of the month for another massive priapism.
  The last time I met my andrologist/urologist he sent me to an ematologist for blood tests and told me that he would have, meanwhile, confered with colleagues about my case during one of his numerous world medical conventions/conferences. The ematologist did no check-up but immediately excluded that my priapism could be blood-related (what about the mediterranean anemia, I asked ...). He asserted taht it was a hormone issue. My urologist has since (2 yrs. ago) given up.
  Unfortunately, my urologist happens to be number one (ie., the best and most quoted) here in Italy: after him, there's nobody! Therefore, end of my endless search for medical help!
  Can the WWW help me, please.
Dear De Sio,
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