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Prostatitis shown on biopsy as centres of chronic prostatitis

I am 76 and have had regular PSA  tests since 2001. The PSA levels were moving up in direct relation to the weight of the prostate until May 08 when in a year the PSA had increased from 4.3 to 6.4. I was put on Finasteride from July 08 to August 09 when the PSA fell to 2.0 in Jan 09 and increased to 2.4 in May 09.  In view of the sexual side effects I discontinued the Finasteride. In Dec 2009 my PSA had increased to 12.0 and a TRUS revealed a small nodule.
My Doctor sent me to  to a urologist and I had a DRE who recommended a biopsy which I had . I am in Portugal and have translated it below

Microscopic Description
A --Two fragments threadlike, whitish, with the largest 25mm.                                                                           B --Three fragments thread like, whitish, with the largest 15mm .                                                                                                    

A and B-fragments of prostatic tissue with areas of hyperplasia and centres of chronic prostatitis.                                                      
There is no sign of the presence of abnormal cells forming a growth or tumour.

After the biopsy I was advised that there would be some blood in my stools for a couple of days and I was totally unprepared for the traumatic condition that I was in when I got home. (Photos posted on my Profile)

The good news was no cancer detected .
I discussed my situation with the Urologist.  Although I have a large prostate my flow rate, lack of urgency etc are all pretty good and do not bother me. The Urologist said he was not interested in the prostate size unless it affected the flow but the chronic prostatitis, non bacterial,  which was the reason for the high PSA , should be treated. He recommended  Dutasteride for 6 weeks then further flow and blood and urine tests.  He told me Dutasteride was not the same as Finasteride but the side effects appear to be the same and in some cases become permanent. Following a very rough TRUS in 2007 I did have a lot of groin pain which took many months to clear up.   At the present time following 2 TRUS a DRE and a biopsy in a short period of time I have discomfort in that area. I appreciate Finasteride and Dutasteride will reduce both  the PSA and  the prostate but will they in fact do anything for the prostatitis?
Have not seen "centres of chronic Prostatitis" coming up in biosies before is this usual?

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