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Prostititis - Prostate Infection info

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Posted by HFHS M.D.-MS on March 23, 1998 at 17:27:12:

In Reply to: Prostititis - Prostate Infection info posted by TLB on March 20, 1998 at 00:39:07:

: About two 1/2 months ago I was diagnosed with Prostititis. I went to the urologist and was prescribe
  Levaquin for 6 weeks. Previously, for almost 6 months, I had noticed a strange sensitivity in my urethra
  and an odd uncomfortable feeling in my penis. The reason I ended up going to the doctor was because one morning
  I woke up and found blood in my urine. Anyway...after reading alot about Prostititis on the net..it seems that there
  are numerous posts about how difficult it is to get rid of..and how for so many people it just keeps coming back over and over again.
  I have been off the medication for almost 4 weeks now..and although there is not trace of blood in my urine, I somehow still don't feel right.
  I am not in any pain..but I notice that there is still a noticeable sensitivity in my urethra and it seems that when I urinate..I feel an odd pressure
  on my prostate. The doctor explained that the healing of the prostate after an infection is almost like having a hurt shoulder...it will get better, but will not happen overnight.

  I am concerned that my prostate infection is going to come back..and also concerned that I am still experiencing some sensitivity. My question is..is this normal?? and if it does come back
  is there anyway to be sure I get rid of it for good??
Dear TLB
Prostatitis is a complex subject.   The terminology prostatitis is a term that applies to different diseases of the prostate in which inflammation is seen.  Acute bacterial prostatitis patient are very sick, have fever and may not be able to urinate. This is cause by a bacterial infection, treated easily with antibiotics.  Chronic bacterial prostatitis ( CBP) is more indolent although is caused by
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