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  I'm 33 years old and I've been fighting typical prostitus symptoms for 4 months, with the worst being constant burning sensation in the penis, swollen tubes in the testicles and testicle pain.  I've been on medication, levaquin, Doxyciline, and Sulfratrims for that period.  Once the pain clears up, if I lift something it comes back.  I've been checked for hernia's and had a cat scan done and nothing was found.  It's 5AM and the pain is keeping me awake again.  I've been trying to figure out what started all this and I thought of something I neglected to tell my urologist.  About a week or two before this whole thing started I used a hand lotion with Alpha Hydroxy and lipids as a personal lubricant.  I had used hand lotions for this purpose before with no problems, but this time I got a slight burning sensation so I stopped using it.  Is it possible that the chemicals in that lotion stayed in my system and are causing my symptoms?  
Dear Eugene,
There are four general categories of prostatitis. These are: acute bacterial prostatitis, chronic bacterial prostatitis, non-bacterial prostatitis and prostatodynia. It is often difficult to definitively diagnose the type of disorder a patient may have. The routine for treatment, initially, is to use antibiotics and anti-inflammatory
medications such as ibuprofen. The usual course of antibiotics in case of recurrence is about four weeks or sometimes longer. It is important that you be treated for appropriate length of time. As to the recurrence of your symptoms with the use of lubricant , it is unlikely to cause prostatitis, however, it could potentially lead to local irritation or skin reaction. The burning sensation you are feeling , that is if it is in the urethra ,may be a recurrence of your prostatitis, or perhaps irritation post ejaculation. In any case, I recommend for you to see a urologist for a thorough evaluation.
This information is provided for general medical education purposes only.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition. More individualized care is available at the Henry Ford Hospital and its urban campuses by calling  (1 800 653 6568).
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