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Re: Kidney Stone?

Posted By HFHS M.D.-SAL on May 08, 1998 at 23:12:16:

In Reply to: Kidney Stone? posted by Susan on April 27, 1998 at 15:45:30:

I am 22 year old female who was married in June 1997.
I have had "something" wrong with me since September 1997.  
I went to my primary care physician for back pain, abdominial pain, vomiting,
and occasional UTI.  Since that time I have had over 10 UTI.  I had
a kidney infection 6 weeks ago and am now taking septra as perscribed by
my urologist (kidney infection was treated by primary care with cipro).
I have had two IVP's, a CTscan, an MRI, upper abdominal X-ray (the Ba swallow),
and numberous ultrasounds looking for ovarian cysts.  The pain was originally
thought to be caused by the bowel.  The back pain was thought to be vertebral disc slip.
I have been through everything and thought to have had just about everything.  But each test
comes up clear and normal.  I had never been to the doctor in my life until January 1997 for an
appendectimy.  So here I am with no answers and nothing in site.  I still have low back
pinching pain, and a mid back dull pain.  At one point I was put on Diptropan which releaved the low back
pinching pain, but gave me serious head aches.  Each time I have a UTI the antibiotics "give" me a yeast infection.
I have been in the emergency room, my doctors office with no results.  The urologists doesn't seem to know what the propblem is.
What is the next step for me.  I am sick of taking antibiotics if the UTI is just going to come back in a few weeks.  My mother
has thought that I have had a kidney stone, because she has had many problems with them, and so have my cousins that are my age
(female, mother's sisters girls).  I have had one incident (when I went to the ER)when I was sure I had a stone.  I had a
pressure which I had never felt before

]Dear Susan,
Thanks for your question.
Certainly the urine infections may be related to increased susceptibility to bacterial adherence by the vaginal and bladder cells that some women have. This is not a situation that is changeable at this time, but the chronic administration of nitrofurantoin  often solves the problem without affecting normal vaginal flora (thereby sparing you episodes of vaginitis). Urinary stones would have been detected by now with all your x-rays and urinalyses though the tendency for recurrent passage of small stones might be best determined by twenty-four hour urine collections for the most common components of stones (calcium, oxalate, uric acid).
Multiple work-ups and physicians but no physical causes for the symptoms other than your urinary tract infections (which are not always present with your symptoms).  It may be time consider an emotional cause. An evaluation by a psychologist or psychiatrist  would be my recommendation. Even a trial on medication may well be worthwhile. You have tried everything else to no avail, give this a chance.
Best of luck! Hope I have pointed you in the direction that will ultimately give you relief.
This information is provided for general medical information purposes only. Please consult  your physician for diagnostic and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical condition. The Internal Medicine Behavioral Services Department at Henry Ford Hospital has experience in the evaluation and treatment of problems such as you describe. They would be most interested in helping you. You can reach them through our toll-free number (1-800-653-6568). We can also arrange local accommodations through this number if this is  your need. Please bring any x-rays not just the reports)as well as any physicians notes and lab test results that you may be able to obtain. These will help us greatly.
*Keyword: urinary tract infections, calculi
P.S. this is becoming extremely expense for a student who is putting herself and her husband through school without the
most cooperative insurance company.

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