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Redness and Burning Tip of Penis

On and off for the past two years I have experienced a slight burning, itching and redness near the tip and underside of my penis. About two months ago I had unprotected anal sex with a skeptical young lady and my symptoms have increased and are almost constant. Sometimes I feel like I can see small, thin, painless legions near my urethra. Also sometimes the head of my penis appears almost scaly like and red.  I have been tested countless times over the years and everything always comes out negative. Doctors have given me antibiotics on several occassions to treat chlamydia and other infections, seen some results early on but it always seems to return, especially after sex or ejaculation. I went to a urologist and he doesn't have any answers but assured me it wasnt herpes, he suggested it might be stress related. Do you have ANY idea's of what this may be? Is is possible that the tests would not pick up an STD as common as chlamydia or herpes?

This has seriously affected my everyday life and I am getting pretty desperate for answers. I have read many posts with men who share the exact symptoms and they all have no idea what is going on. I want to include my sexual history, my habits, times of increased symptoms, etc. so if anyone who shares this problem might be able to make some connections.

I am 22 years old and I have been sexually active since I was 14. I had two girfriends for a period of 6 years where I had unprotected sex very frequently and never had any problems ever. When things began to get rocky with my long time girlfriend, I began to have new partners frequently and rarely used a condom. I have had sex with 15+ partners and had oral sex with 30+ partners. Most of these partners were before the first sign of symptoms. First time I felt burning was the day after a night of intoxication and having unprotected sex with quite the dirty girl. Test results were negative and I was given antibiotics, the symptoms were gone two weeks later. I have been repeating this process for 2 years now and only recently have the symptoms become constant and impssible to ignore. If there was a feeling for your penis dying or about to fall off, this would be it. I have also had an occasional problem with hemorrhiods because of poor diet. I was extremely athletic my whole life until a year and a half ago and have since put on 15 pounds.

Things that increase symptoms:
- ejaculation
- long car rides
-Heavy alcohol consumption
-smoking ciggarettes and weed
-increased heat or pressure in genital area (laptop on lap, boxer briefs that ride up)
- sometimes after eating a large meal

Please help!! Add your story if you share this problem!
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