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Removal of Epididymis

  I'm 42 and in good health. I had a vasectomy almost two years ago. Since then I have been having recurring pain in my right testicle. I have noticed that what is left of the vas deferens tube on the testicle side gets swollen at these times. After trying antibiotics and pain pills, my urologist wants to remove the epididymis on the right testicle. Does this sound like the right treatment? Any one else have this procedure? Can there be other compliations from this? Any other sites to check out more information? Any information is very much appreciated.
Dear Paul,
One of the potential long term effects  of vasectomy is epididymal pain. This is from the pressure that is put on the epididymis by the testicular fluids and secretions which can no longer exit readily and settle in the epididymis and gradually get reabsorbed. This process of pressure on the epididymis causes pain and discomfort. If not responsive to antibiotics and pain medications, epididymectomy (i.e., removal of epididymus) is the required procedure.  Like any surgery, risks of infection and bleeding are always present. This procedure relieves pain in  up to 95% of men. You need to talk with your urologist if any other specific issues are present.
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