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Scrotum feels unusually loose and rubbery

  I recently visited a doctor complaining of symptoms in addition to some abdominal discomfort which he assumed was gastric inflammation. He also assumed that this was the cause of my other symptoms such as mild recurrent aches including the testicles. One symptom that concerns me is that my scrotum has become extremely loose lately and sort of rubbery or sweaty. However, it has alternated between this state and being very tight and course in a matter or hours. It doesn't seem to be temperature related and there is no swelling or lump that I can tell, could this be caused by some other infection or a side affect of malabsorption as my doctor suggests?
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The scrotum is located as you know in a very dependent position and is prone to swelling with fluid.  We usually see this condition in the hospitalized  severely ill patient or one with significant congestive heart failure.  The scrotum also has muscles called the dartos which is temperature dependent.  It also is under neuronal condition related to emotional stressors.
The scrotum houses the testicles which have a covering called the tunica vaginalis .  This is a slip of peritoneum from the abdomen.   If early infancy the canal connecting the tunica vaginalis to the abdominal cavity closes off .  If this cannel persist, this defect is called communicating hydrocele or an indirect inguinal hernia.  Excess fluid in the abdomen can flow to and from the hydrocele and result in fluctuating scrotal fullness.  This can be corrected surgically if the swelling is bothersome .
   The scrotum also has apocrine sweat glands and is prone to sweat  especially in the summer with high humidity.   Know infection can be attributed to the flaccidity of the scrotum unless there are gross skin changes suggestive of an infection.  
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