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Shrinkage...can be painful!!!!

I've read some other posts on this site from guys experiencing exactly what I've been dealing with for so many years. Seinfeld forever made it a pop culture term when George was accidentally seen changing after swimming in cool water. But what happens when the shrinkage never goes back to "hangage"? I've been dealing with shrinkage for most of my life. It's been getting more and more uncomfortable and even painful over the years. It's like something is pulling the penis and testes from the inside. And it's not just a slight pressure or a small pulling sensation. It's such a strong pulling that I can't even pull the penis straight with both hands. I know it doesn't have to do with length, because when I'm erect I'm over six inches, but it still feels like there's a good bit of shaft being tugged tight inside.

For most of my life (I'm almost 28) it's been just uncomfortable. But in the last few years it's gotten more and more painful. It's especially painful when sitting on the toilet.

Also, I found on this site another term that I couldn't have come up with myself. When it's in this tugging shrinkage state it's so-called "hard flaccid" as other's have refferred. Which in itself is actually somewhat painful.

It's usually cool to the touch when it's in the tugged hard flaccid state and seems to lack a normal pink hue.

There are two remarkable physical problems that may be an underlying culprit or contributor to the problems. I was born with hypospadias. Not only did they do a crappy circumcision, but if you were to picture a penis head-on they snipped out a good chunk between 3:30 and 8:30. Sometimes it feels like my body naturally tried to use the remaining shaft skin as foreskin to conceal the head, which may explain the shrinking phenomenon.

Also when I was about 13 I had a crazy posion ivy reaction all over my body. My penis wasn't spared and it was an awful mess. As if it's not bad enough to have poison ivy on your penis and testes and entire body, my penis actually swelled up considerably.  I think this reaction caused a lot of scar tissue and thickening of the skin on the penis, which in some places has no elasticity whatsoever.

I also have what I'm understanding to be called a circumcision "halo" of dark skin in odd places on the shaft. And if that's not enough there's scarring all over where they did the circumcision and hyp surgery.

I have always tried to avoid sexual activity which really messed me up mentally because I've had so many girlfriends- (I don't intend to sound conceited at all but just the opposite...think about having hot girls throw themselves at you and you have to come up with akward excuses to keep her away from your penis meanwhile your hormones are doing everything they can to reel her in to it)

I have feeling in only about 40% of the head and 70% of the shaft and it's extremely difficult to have orgasms. Recently it's been getting painful to ejaculate. The pain is a mixture of a nerve-type pain throughout the shaft and head and pressure deep inside the body where the penis connects. It started out so slightly but it is now to the point where I hesitate to have sexual activity.

I'm blessed with a perfect and beautiful 9 months old daughter, so I know that things work pretty well down there.

Other than that and my 6 herniated discs, my early male pattern baldness with brittle hair my everlasting depression and anxiety, PTSD, chronic fatigue syndrome, being overweight and my wife threatening divorce at least once a week...my life is great!

So does anyone know how to help ease the shrinkage and pulling? And help the penile skin soften and get some elasticity? Thanks for listening to me talk about my penis more than I ever have ever, all added together.
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