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Slight Urinary/Kidney Discomfort

About 3 weeks ago I started to develop UTI like symptoms (slight burning when urinating, frequent urination, discharge, etc) along with that I had grey fabric like pieces sometimes on the head of my penis.  I honestly think that the fabric like things were just the result of the discharge constantly keeping the top area wet, and fabric from garments sticking to it as it looks and feels just like small little "fuzzies".  Anyway, I started to do a lot of cranberry juice, took some herbs for Urinary Infections, etc, and the infection never got too bad.  I never went to the doctor and now it's less of a urinary thing and more of a slight discomfort in the kidneys.  Sometimes I feel an ache and some pressure, and sometimes nothing.  A few days ago I went to urinate and two bloody mucous "globs" came out before the pee, this has only happened once.  I will probably be going to the doctors soon but before hand I just wanted to get a professional opinion, and also if someone could outline what the doctor will do depending on what I have.  I'm not sure what I have, I feel it could be a infection, or kidney stones or w/e I'm not sure, so what do you think?  I can give you any more information you may need.

Thanks so much for any support,
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