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Stones in kidneys causing pain??

I'm a 26 year old female with a family history of kidney stones.  

In Jan 09, I experienced a dull aching pain in my side that lasted for a couple weeks and then went away.  

I experienced something similar in late Feb 09 and after a week of this pain, I went to the clinic (I'm in the military).  The dr couldn't find anything wrong and said I must have pulled an abdominal muscle.  However, since I mentioned my dad has had over 40 stones in his life, he sent me for an x-ray.  (I doubted it was this as the pain I was feeling was not like the excrutiating pain I'd seen my dad in.)  The x-ray showed "something" so I was sent for a ct scan, which showed multiple stones in both kidneys including one in the bladder.  I went back a week later because I was feeling a constant urge to pee, and I was disagnosed with a UTI and given meds, although this did not make the pain totally go away,  I ended up passing a stone (which was 6mm) a few days later.  It was a calcium oxalate stone.  

2 and a half weeks ago, I didn't have any kidney pain, but felt the constant urge to urinate again, followed by the side pain (which confused me because the symptoms were in reverse order than the last time I passed a stone).  However, after a week of constant dull (sometimes sharper) pain in my left side that made me feel constantly nauseous, I went to the clinic where I found out I had another infection (with a low-grade fever) and likely another stone.  I passed 2 stones a day later (last Saturday); they were a lot smaller than my other one (only 1.5 and 2mm).  However, unlike when I passed my first stone in Feb, the pain I felt in my kidney did not immediately go away.  

I still have that dull ache, which comes and goes.  I went for a run yesterday for the first time in a week and felt cramping like pain in my kidney area that subsided a few hours later.  I had a ct scan done a few days ago and was told I currently have 6 stones in my kidneys greater than 2mm but that they aren't blocking anything and my ureters aren't swollen so I shouldn't be in any pain.  However, I still have this dull pain that comes and goes that is in my kidney area on both sides.  It's not excrutiating pain, but I do sometimes take a motrin for it.  I'm so confused about what it wrong with me.  

According to the dr., the stones in my stones are not in the position to be causing any pain, but I can't deny the fact that I have this pain that comes and goes.  I've been told that dull pain is not associated with kidney stones, but I DO have stones and 2 of these "dull sickening" pain episodes resulted in stones, so I'm not making this up.  I'm just frustrated with this whole thing and not knowing why I have stones, how to prevent them, or what I can do to keep this pain totally away.  The notion that I don't think the doctors really believe me only compounds my frustration.  Their medical books say that I should have no pain if the stones are not causing obstruction so I must not be in pain.  Being in the military, I don't really have the option of going to multiple facilities to get multiple opinions.

Am I going crazy?  It feels like it...
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NO your not crazy.. I have lived with this same pain and problems.  I have MSK and MSK causing me to have many small stones in the kidney.
have suffered along with all of you for years also, however I have a condition called Medullary Sponge Kidney disease.  This cause both of my kidneys to be full of small stones too.  We have an MSK support group here on Medhelp and though you all may or may not have MSK, (I was born with it, had stones since I was 19 but only diagnosed in 03'), still the cause of this chronic pain is very likely to be the same that many of us suffer from.

I would encourage you to join our support group, read through the older post, most of the time this pain issue is the central conversation tool and also read the great info in the health pages.

Here is the link to our support group here:

Here also is a link to an article i put together on the pain issues:

I hope this helps each of you!  Just know your not alone, your pain is real and there are answers!  It is our goal together to make a difference!!

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