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18 months ago I had Transurethral Microwave Treatment for prostatitis. Prior to that I also had severe disfunctional voiding, my doctor said was the inability to open my external valve. Anyway now 18 months after the TUMT I am unable to urinate and must use a catheter 80% of the time and it is getting worse. I am seeing a physical therapist who works with pelvic floor dysfunction. She is just starting internal mesage but I seem to be getting worse. Has anyone ever had this type of a problem after TUMT, especially after 18 months?
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I am having difficulty finding someone who has gone through TUMT. I had it in January of this year. I was taking Flomax, but it made me so dizzy I would almost faint every time I stood up. I didn't have to use a catheter. My problem is that I developed urge incontinence afterwards. I have wet the bed and wet my pants not being able to make it to the bathroom. I am now on Vesicore, an overactive bladder medication. My urologist says that he has never seen this happen with TUMT. This medication keeps my mouth so dry that I cant get enough saliva to chew dry food. I have traded Flomax for overactive bladder medicine. This is miserable.
My opinion is the medications and many of prostate wont provide us with remedy we’re hoping for. Big farma, the FDA and the dotors will continue to prescribe meds and dubious surgeries that don’t work well.  Its somewhat about profit to a degree one could inferr
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I had TUMT 17 months ago.  I self caterized for 2 weeks after the surgery.  Im experiencing ED and Retrograde Ejaculation.  I can say iam dissatified with the postoperative conditions.  Regrets and stress is a problem. Bests of luck
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