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Testicle Pain for 2 months

Drs. I have had sore testicles and a burning sensation for over two months now. I was tested a month ago for HSV, HIV, chlamydia and other stds and my results have been negative. The HSV test was the IGG test and it was negative. A little over two months ago I had unprotected sex w a girl I started dating and this pain started a week after she and I had intercourse. After that day the pain has not stopped. The second day I had this pain I went to the Dr and he put me on Valtrex since he believed I had contacted HSV 2. The thing is I have not had any open soars or pain urinating at all during the last two months and I was on Valtrex for 15 days w two doses a day and that didn't change anything. Since then I've been on anti biotics for a while and also anti fungal medication and nothing has changed.

So I've done so much reading and also been to the Dr 4 times and I can't get what I have, figured out. So my question is do you have any idea what this could possibly be? Is there any tests I should have done? Could this be testicular cancer? Any help would be much appreciated bc right now this pain won't go away and the stress of this has made me unable to sleep or eat much.
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Dear UNK std,

Thanks for posting your query.

I understand your symptoms and concerns. I see that you have already been clinically examined and treated for common causes that could explain your symptoms.

I think that you should also get yourself examined to rule out prostatic infection. Though it is difficult to ascertain the cause in cases such as yours, I usually start my patients on alpha blockers which  usually produces good relief of symptoms in a few days. You may discuss this approach with your doctor.

The likelihood of you having testicular cancer is very minimal as you have been clinically examined. Almost all testicular cancers get detected on clinical examination and ultrasound. So do not worry about it.

Hope, this helps.

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Best Regards.
Dr. Rajiv Goel
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