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Ultrasound results

                                               Hi,                                                                                        In April of this year I had liver ultrasound at the hospital.The liver ultrasound was normal,but at same time they found something wrong with the left kidney.There were two persons doing the ultrasound,one was sitting and moving tranducer on me while the other one was standing and watching the monitor.At one time,the one that was sitting asked the one standing "Is this cyst on left kidney" and the other answeared"No,that is calcification".In October of this year I had kidney and bladder ultraound because of "calcification".The result was Findings:The right kidney measures 11.3 and the left kidney 12.4cm.Left renal parenchyma is somewhat lobulated.No focal masses,stones or hydronephrosis.No bladder filling defect are visualized.Prior to voiding the bladder measures 9.0x8.0x9.5cm for a volume of 370cc.After voiding,it measures 5.0x2.0x6.0cm for a volume of approximately 30cc.Impression:Unremarkable renal ultrasound.Small post void residual.Code I.When I asked my urologist what left renal parenchyma somewhat lobulated and small post void residual means, he said it is nothing everbody has it.I also asked him: Do I have tumor or cyst on the left kidney? He said no.He also told me to see him in a year.A three weeks after renal ultrasound I had abdominal aorta anyrism ultrasound at different hospital.Again Findings:Abdominal aorta normal.Right kidney normal.A developmental anomaly is accounting for cortical prominence of the left kidney where there is a very small anechoic lesion mesuring approximately 1.8cm and considered a cyst.Impression:No evidence of aneurysm.Small cortical cyst,left kidney.Normal right kidney.                                                                                    Now,I do not know whom to believe.(A)Is it calcification of the left kidney.(B) Is it left renal parechyma somewhat lobulated,small post void residual or (C) small cortical cyst?Does "A developmental anomaly....."mean developed,is developing or it is congential?Is this tumor,cyst or congential lesion anomaly?My left kidney (12.4) is larger than (11.3)right.Is this normal?Also what are normal ranges in cm for kidneys for a male of 45 yrs?Sometimes I feel dull pain on my back where kidneys are.Should I do further testing with CT or MRI?Thank you very much for your time.George
Dear George,
A renal ultrasound is a radiologic study of the kidneys that can  look at the kidneys in cross section.  Common abnormalities that can be picked up on ultrasound are stones, tumors, cysts, blockage of urine flow (hydronephrosis) and abscess.  Sometimes the study is inconclusive and follow-up studies, CT scan, or MRI is suggested.
In your case, the variation in renal size is within normal limits.  Whether or not a cyst is present is not extremely important.  Simple cysts are generally left alone unless they are extremely large, symptomatic, or suspicious for a cancer according to certain radiologic criteria.  Fetal lobulations are bumps along the otherwise smooth contour of the kidney that are a normal variant.
A small post void residual (<75cc) is negligible. In summary, the conclusion of unremarkable ultrasound on your first study sounds reasonable.
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