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Urethra Stricture and Burning

  Several weeks ago, I went to the a urologist complaining of burning during urination and a small amount of blood I would see when I would begin urinating.
  I kidney xray was first performed. Nothing unusual turned up there.
  Next, a procedure was done where they put a scope up my penis to attempt to look at my bladder.
  What the doctor said he saw was a urethra stricture, which would require surgery to remove. Apparently he believed the buildup in pressure behind the stricture was in the same area as the prostate and he said that my prostate blood vessels were swollen quite a bit.
  I might mention that I have also been being treated for BPH with Hytrin for about 2 years, so I thought it was prostate related.
  Anyway, what shocked me was the amount of bleeding I did after the procedure. I bleed for 2 hours quite a bit and the doctor said that was normal.
  The doctor said that after the surgery, I may have to wear a catheter for 24 hours.
  I just want to make sure that what the doctor says is common.
  Is it normal for patients after this surgery to wear the catheters?
  What side effects or risks are associated with this surgery?
  Should there be burning associated with a stricture.
  Thanks for any info.
Dear Larry
Thanks for your questions.
The penis is a very vascular organ and blood loss is quite common.  The reason for the catheter is to help
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