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prolonged erection while sleeping

Several nights a week I awaken to an erection which is not painful, but not due to any arousal by my wife or masturbation. The erection seems to last throughout the night at several levels. Also, I have maintained an erection for an unusual period of time during intercourse for the past year. For a while, that was fun, but I'm becoming concerned. There is no pain, but a general discomfort, particularly with the nighttime episodes.
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Awakening with an erection is certainly a normal occurrence. Men usually have several erections per night unrelated to sexual stimulation. However, if yours do not go away and you are having erections which are uncomfortable, then I think that you should see a urologist. Priapism, and erection that will not go away, can be caused by certain drugs (heparin, trazadone) and some blood condition (sickle cell in particular) and may not have a cause that can be identified. There is a problem called "stuttering priapism," which involves short bouts of priapism that can progress to full blown priapism. Aside from the discomfort, an erection that persists for  too long can cause internal scarring that can effect future erections.
You need to have this checked out by a urologist.
S.A.Liroff, M.D.

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