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small tiny bumps on head of penis

Posted By vince on May 27, 1999 at 14:37:01
I have these small tiny bumps on the head of penis. They cover the top of my penis and ridge of the head, but they are not on the bottom of my penis. These bumps don't really look like bumps they're more like little fibers that make up the head of the penis. If you were to take your fingers and spread the skin so it streches you would be able to see them better because like i said there little tiny fiberous things that are close together and seperate when spread apart. When my skin is not spread apart they're harder to see, but are still noticeable if you look closly. Please try and inform me of what this is and how i could of got it and if there is any treatment for this.
What is the name for the gel that helps clear the bumps on the shaft of the penis. I think i have those bumps do to hair folicals as what you had told another person. I think this because the bumps closer to the scrotum have pubic hair coming out of the center of the bump ,but the ones closer to the middle of my penis look just like little bumps without the hair. Does this sound like the probably do to the hair folicals? If not what could it be? Where can i get the gel or cream?(Store, Doctor)? If you could please answer my questions I might get a better understanding of whats going on. Thanks for your time. vince

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