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stroke urgent frequent urination

My mom had a stroke 9 months ago. She did not completely lose conciuosness but was unable to get help for 5+ days.  She was dehydrated when found and was on a catheter for about a week and has been repeatedly treated for urinary infections.   She has frequent urgent need to urinate in day and at night with no pain, bleeding or discomfort. normal color. She has been on Detrol and prior Ditropan, neither helps at all.  She has no trouble emptying bladder and does have quite a bit of urine when she goes to bathroom.  There is mild incontinence.  She is home and independent with good recovery from the stroke. She lives alone. Prior to stroke she was on estrogen for several decades.  She is 85 years old. Is this from lingering neurological complications?  Will this improve with time?  Should she have a urinalysis on a regular basis when no pain is involved?

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Please excuse my mistakes and poor wording.
Her symptoms may be related to a urinary tract infect only and she needs to obtain a urine sample for urinalysis and culture. If her symptoms resolve with treatment of a urinary tract infection and she is not keeping too much in her bladder following urination, then further evaluation is not needed, just observation. If she persists with problems then she needs a urodynamic evaluation to obtain a better understanding of her symptoms/bladder function. Her symptoms may all be related to residual changes from her stroke, however.
A small amount of vaginal estrogen cream may well help her symptoms, but do the urologic evaluation first.
A urologist should be consulted..
S.A.Liroff, M.D,

.This information is provided for general medical educational purposes only. It
does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Henry Ford  Hospital  or the
Vattikuti Urologic Institute.  Please consult your physician for diagnostic
and treatment options pertaining to your specific medical  condition.

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