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urinary reflux

My daughter has this and is a grade 3, is this a high percentage for an operation?  She is only 16 months, what are the chances for her to outgrow this.  She's have roughly 9 urine infections since she born..  Is this serious?

Rose Please responde
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Dear Rose,
It sounds like your child has vesicoureteral reflux.  One of the most difficult decisions regarding a child with vesicoureteral reflux is deciding between medical and surgical management.  Spontaneous disappearance of reflux is related to the age of the child and degree of reflux.  It has been reported that 63% of grade two, 53% of grade three , and 33% of grade four reflux patients have resolved spontaneously  if infection is controlled.  Another study showed that in children of growing age that unilateral grade four reflux(what your child has) had spontaneous resolution 61% on the time, where as in bilateral patients resolution occurred in only 9%.  Reflux that persists in adolescence or adulthood is unlikely to disappear spontaneously.
The most important issue with children with reflux is preservation of the renal function and allowing for normal and complete growth of both kidneys.  This means avoiding infections of the kidneys to prevent harmful scarring.  Sometimes patients are placed on longterm prophylactic antibiotic therapy.  You say your child has had 9 infections, but I don
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