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Still struggling and I am past 6 month mark

In January 2014 I found out that my Vit D was 21.5 NG/ML. I was feeling absolutely terrible at this time. Therefore, my doctor prescribed 50,000 IU of D3 once a week for 24 weeks. My thoughts were “Ok, I will take these Vit D pills and within 3 - 4 months I will feel normal again”. However, this has not been the exact case. Around the 4 month mark, I did feel like I started to really notice improvement but I did not feel normal. It has been an up and down ride.

A week after I took my 21st Vit D pill, I went to have my Vit D level checked ( a little early). The results turned out to be 40.6 NG/ML. I know the optimal range is 40-60, so I decided to take my final 3 vitamin D pills over the next 3 weeks as prescribed. I was thinking that if 21 pills raised my Vit D from 21.5 NG/ML to 40.6 NG/ML, then a few more pills should put me in the mid 40 range. I took my last Vitamin D (50,000 IU) pill in late June. Since then I have been trying to get more sun. I have also been taking anywhere from 2-4K of over the counter Vit D3 each day. Now in late July, I am still feeling bad and it has been about 6.5 months. I feel better than I did in January, but I am not fully recovered.

I believe I was Vitamin D deficient for at least 18 months before it was caught. I had several blood tests during this time (thyroid, testosterone, etc) but no doctor ever checked for Vitamin D until January 2014. I have some days where I feel much better and I think I am returning to normal, but then I will feel bad again. I can only assume that I have been deficient for a long time and it is going to take me a year to recover. I often see others make a post on this board  and then never return for follow up posts. I can only assume that they recovered quickly and have no need to post anymore.
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Hi there ! Can you list your Vitamin D symptoms?? How do u feel? Which part of your body hurt ... Tnx
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I keep an eye on your thread because you seem to be the only one providing long time updates. I don't think you are alone in terms of (non-)recovery.

I was also diagnosed in January 2014 with 13.5 ng/ml due to calcium deficiency. I had D3 supplements ( 20K IU per week), spent some time in India (lot of sun) felt better, came back to UK (where I live). My GP asked to cut down to 400 IU (because the levels were over 30). Just after 3 weeks, lo behold every symptom came back and with a vengeance.

I've now started my supplements again (50K IU per week). I think my days are better when there is sun which makes me think the supplements are not working for me and it is only the natural sun that is making a difference. But I am scared as come September, the little amount of sunshine in UK is going to disappear.

The main symptoms are twitching, pins and needles everywhere, headache, a bony ache particularly in the neck, ribs and lower back. My eyes feel odd at times and ear rings. I do wonder how can a single vitamin (or hormone whatever) is affecting every single part in my body - perhaps something else is wrong and irreversibly damaged.

Anyway, please keep providing updates.
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50 000 IU of Vitamin D3 per week is ok.
You can also increase that 70 000 IU of D3 per week.

Levels just over 30ng/ml are not exactly high.
I would imagine that 'appropriate levels' would be in the range of 50 - 80 ng/ml.

Also, it may take a bit of time for your body to readjust to high Vitamin D intake.

One other thing, if you are supplementing with D3 (avoid D2 like a plague), then make sure to get some Vitamin K2 (as MK7).
Its the most important co-factor that goes along with Vitamin D.

Also, mere supplementation will be able to improve your general well-being, but it would also be better if you can compliment this with some form of physical exercise.

I doubt there's anything 'irreversibly damaged' in your body.

Actual sun exposure will probably be somewhat more efficient and maybe provide immediate health benefits because a lot of people DO like the feel of the actual sun (mood also improves, etc.).

For other issues... you could also try ingesting Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) as dissolvable crystals  orally.
You dissolve the crystals (approximately 1 tea spoon) in a glass of orange juice (or other juice in general to mask the bitter taste of pure ascorbic acid).
Vitamin C in large doses can help one solve a lot of problems... but you have to be watchful of bowel tolerance (once you reach it, it means you had enough for 1 day... so the next day, you can lower your dose to just below the bowel tolerance).

But as I said, some form of physical exercise or yoga would also do you good.
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I was diagnosed with low vitamin D (13ng/ml) and low magnesium (0.69 millimoles/L) in May 2014. Back in Feb 2014 my only symptoms were a cloudy urine and a flutter in my upper abdomen and stomach, esp after eating. It progressively got worse as the doctors were unable to diagnose the problem. By March I had palpitations; by April, these palpitations were persistent enough for me to visit ER. By late April, I had internal tremors and twitching petty much all over. But the doctors insisted it was all in my head. By mid May, after a lot a google searches, I realized I was low in Vit D and cajoled my doctor into testing me.  25(OH)D was 13 ng/ml. I was asked to take 2000 IUs of over the counter vitamin D3. No magnesium! My tremors and twitching got even worse without the magnesium. But the cloudiness in my urine cleared up. I started supplementing with ~250 mgs of magnesium citrate on my own by trial and error. I then switched to a new doctor who advised me to take 4000 IUs of Vitamin D3 per day. I took the advise but also simultaneously upped the magnesium by 100 mgs per day until I was supplementing with 750 mgs of magnesium citrate per day. I was also eating magnesium rich foods. Lots of leafy green veggies and nuts, esp pumpkin seeds. But my condition got worse. The tremors were worse than ever and occurred all the time. At times the quaking was so bad, I felt the ground was shaking violently. My condition was so bad I could take 4000 IUs for only 3 weeks. After this I started taking 1000 IUs of Vitamin D3 +120micrograms of Vitamin K2 per day. I also take 300 mgs of mag citrate and ~1200 mgs of calcium per day. The tremors are milder but they are by no means going away. It is 11 weeks now since I started taking vitamin D3. I worry about Parkinson's/multiple sclerosis but don't know if my fears are unwarranted. The doctors and the state covered health care system here in Canada and esp in Saskatchewan where I live is crap. There are no private clinics here in Saskatchewan either. You are at the mercy of whatever the state provides you! Those of you who crow about Obamacare don't know what is in store for you. Good luck to all my fellow sufferers.
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