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Vitamin D deficiency and tingling???

I have been experiencing tingling in my hands and in my face recently and after getting a physical done in February the only thing that was abnormal was my vitamin D level. Could this be causing my tingling?
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Yes, Vit D deficiency can cause tingling. A generalized tingling sensation can also be due to due to dry skin, hyperthyroid states, Vit B12 deficiency, liver or gall bladder dysfunction, peripheral neuropathies as in diabetes or decreased sweating as in Sjogren’s syndrome. Fibromyalgia is another possibility.
Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral.
Take care!
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i was on vitamin d are your bones sensitive? do your hands get tingling and numb sometimes?
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No my bones aren't sensitive. I just had a tingling in my hands and face but I only had the tingling they were never numb.
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Thanks for your comment! After I started taking the Vitamin D my mysterious tingling went away so for now I think that was the cause of my problems. If it returns I will have further examination.
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You may have the beginning stages of Arthritis or Fibromyalgia as I have these symptoms. For ringing in the ears if that is what you are experiencing take Melantonin as this is a mineral that helps with Ear Balance and Vertigo Dizziness. Also Walmart has a Combination Product that has MSM, Glucosomine, and Chondroitin in One Formula so no need to buy them Individually. Saves you money in the long run. Product is a Walmart Brand called EXACT. Also taking OMEGA 3 2,000 mgs with each meal helps with Inflammation of the Joints.
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