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Am I fat?

I'm 25 years old, a female, weigh 145 pounds, take a size 12(UK) 8(US) and have a 36FF bust.  I have an underactive thyroid, and take 100 micrograms of thyroxine everyday.  I have always worried about my breasts, as I feel they are too big for the rest of my body, but recently I have started to worry about my body too.  I live in China, and have for the past year and a half, and all the girls here are so skinny!
I wear loose clothes for work, as my boss told me to not show off my breasts or attract the student's attention to them (I teach adults, mainly men), and all of my students call me fat!  In England I felt ok, pretty happy with my Page 3 model figure, but in China I am a whale.  Am I really fat?  If so how much weight should I lose?
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You never gave your height? I would say that if you are 5'2 or taller than you are definately not fat; actually unless you are 4'6, I can't imagine you being fat at all. 145lbs for a woman is not generally considered fat.

Here's is my rule of thumb. Take 2.2(lbs) for a woman and multiply by your height in inches. (Ex. 2.2 x 67 (5'7"tall) = 147lbs

This should put you within 5-10llbs of your ideal weight depending on your bone structure.

But again; at 145lbs, if you are overweight, it can't be much, but one thing is for sure; you are definately not fat
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Hi Yilan

I wouldn't imagine you're fat but I would wonder why you are being told not to be comfortable about your breast size.  A 36 inch bust is pretty normal and the Double FF is quite flattering. Maybe it is the environment in which you live, like you say a page 3 model in the UK would kill for your statistics!!
I would be worried about being put down by your employer but that is certainly their problem not yours!! It sounds like you have a lovely figure, but it is certainly having adverse affects on your working life, if you Must hide it for nubile teens because your working life dictates this - so be it - but don't let that affect your life and make you question your size, I'm about 30lbs heavier than you and I would be quite happy to be 145lbs believe me. Your students are probably measuring you against the skinny norm in their society, I wouldn't take this to heart. There are trends in many societies, we shouldn't ever hope to live up to them - but just be happy in our own skin!!

All the best
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I am very much over weight, but my doctor does not give me med's  to help me loose weight. So I ask how much over weight do you have to be in order for Medicaid to pay for the sugery or what every it taks to get it off. He says you have to be 100 lbs over weight. I am 5'1 weigh 235 lbs. So just how much more do I have to gain to get the help I need?
   I eat very small meals,a child of 3 years old would eat about what I eat and I still gain weight. I am 59 years old lady, I am also COPD and ASTHMA, now on oxygen. I was told if I could loose some of this weight some of my sickness would get much better. Can anyone help me? Thanks
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hey there!

i am sorry to say this, but you are NOT FAT!!!! i am unsure of your height, but from what it sounds you seem to be in perfect shape...LUCKY! their body types are different then most races. i believe that it is your breast size that are pissing them off. forget about what they say! it is not worth it. i wish i was back in a size 8US. you are just fine the way you are.
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Responding to initial post.

I no longer know what is considered ideal weight. I do know that if one feels uncomfortable that is usually a sign as well as ill fitting clothes.

I am 5'2 and my weight is not where I want to be[I wear a size 10 or 12 and I am a size 36C] for me that is my whole chest since I am short it looks like way too much and I wear clothes that are always loose fitting to avoid stares.

I was not always like this! When I was younger [I am now 43] I weighed 98lbs. 114 max. size 3. After I had my second child at age 28, my body never went back to it's normal weight or size. My chest blew up from 33B to almost a 38C. Very embarrasing for me and I have to cover myself always.

I don't know what advise to give but, I do not view you as over weight. And do not compare yourself to others, do what is best for you!

I am right now seeking medical advise because I believe my weight factor is due to health problems and I am now waiting to find out the cause from my doctor. I can not loose wieght for nothing and I am so physically active but, I am extremely exhausted all the time and I hardly eat and when I do it is nothing high fat or high calorie. So I am so lost right now to the major point of frustration.

Good Luck & Best Wishes.
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In some culture's "Fat" is a term of endearment.  "Fatty" and the such is not meant as an insult to them (pretty much the equivalent as saying you have brown hair). English standards of fat are much different than other standards of "fat".
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my dream trip was always to go to japan, but i knew the one thing that would bother me there is that i would tower over everyone and be twice their size. and when i got there (and mind you i was a normal american size)it was true, i felt SOOOOOOOOOOO uncomfortable in my skin. its def not you...
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Are you concerned with what men find attractive? A 36 bust pretty much overrides any other problems you have at 145. Men must be drooling over you.

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Don't worry, in most parts of Latin America we like our women "voluptuous" so 30 pounds of extra volume is perfect. Where I come from, we make fun of Argentine girls for being "chumba." I'll be you don't know what that means.

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I just got back from Buenos Aires (we go every year now) and I must say it DOES make you quite self conscious!  That is a town of supermodels if ever there was one.  I was by far the fattest, dumpiest, most ill dressed woman anywhere we went. Every woman there has the most petite figure I've ever seen!

I'm about 30 pounds overweight.

Curiously, I don't know how the women over there look so good, because the food culture over there seems extreme.  Every restaurant we went to, I saw these itty bitty girls eating tons of meat, sausage, pastry, pasta, coffe and desserts.  My husbands brother (who lives there) says bulimia is rampant in the female culture there.  A woman I talked to there said that was nonsense, yet she couldnt give any real reason why the women are uniformly so petite.

It is always a blow to my self esteem to go there.  The prices on clothes and such are very low, but they don't seem to have anything in my size so I couldn't buy any nice dresses or slacks, just sweaters.
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Hello people
I just want to say thanks to everyone, you have really helped to put my mind at rest. I guess I will never feel un-fat here in China, but I just gotta deal with it.
By the way, I'm 5'5".
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