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Announcing Medhelp Weight Loss Challenge - Come Join Us!

The Weight is Over!!!

Do you want to lose weight?  Would you like to do something fun and rewarding?  Did you ever want to feel the thrill of success and throw your hands in the air and shout, "Yes, I did it!!!"

Then join us, as together we participate in MedHelp's first 3-week weight loss challenge hosted in the Weight Loss & Dieting Community!  This "Believe in Yourself Challenge" is designed to incorporate motivation, healthy eating and moderate exercise with a lively exchange of information, tips, support, friendship and fun and will periodically be featured in this community.

Join hands with new friends, invite your MedHelp friends and/or reach out to family, friends and coworkers not yet familiar with all that MedHelp has to offer.  Many people are struggling with weight concerns and there is strength in numbers!  Let's challenge ourselves to a mind-blowing weight loss challenge!

Rest assured, these challenges are not a "quick fix" to weight loss.  They are brief periods of time where we join together in a concerted effort to increase our motivation and provide additional support in making realistic short-term goals to realize the long-term transition to a healthy lifestyle that incorporates nutritional food choices, moderate exercise and explores our emotional relationship with food.

It's going to be intoxicating stuff!  So ... don't miss out; come be a part of this amazing journey!!!

***** CHALLENGE DATES:  OCTOBER 6th - OCTOBER 27th, 2008 *****


1.  You need to be a member of MedHelp.

2.  You need to be a member of the Weight Loss & Dieting Community.

3.  Add Ranaesheart to your friends list.  This step is important, as this is the best way to receive the challenge information on a daily basis.  

4.  This is a 3-week challenge.  We recommend that you set a realistic goal of 3-5 pounds for this challenge.  At the moment, we do not have a short-term goal tracker so we recommend you continue to update your progress in your long-term Weight Tracker and use your journal to update your short-terms goals as the challenge progresses.

5.  We will be making a daily post on exercise, motivation, success stories and occasionally provide you with special personal messages.  You can add your daily activity under a post we’ll be making in the community each day that will correspond to the challenge day.

6.  If you don’t have a Weight Tracker, please set up your Weight Tracker http://www.medhelp.org/land/track-weight-loss.  It is fairly self-explanatory, but there are also instructions posted in the Health Pages (http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Weight-Loss/How-to-Set-Up-Your-Weight-Tracker/show/459?cid=129).  The Weight Tracker is the most useful tool in our long-term and short-term success.  It allows you to post your weight, measurements and specific events.  There is also a place to post your exercise and make journal entries regarding your daily activity.  

7.  We also recommend the use of the Mood Tracker and the Water Consumption Tracker.  Since our emotions can trigger an overeating event, this tracker helps us identify what emotions are responsible and learning that correlation helps us identify a plan of action to make other choices.  Drinking enough water also helps us with a weight loss program and the Water Consumption Tracker helps make us better aware of what we are really doing.

8.  Finally, keeping a food journal is a very useful tool in holding ourselves accountable for what we eat and provides a wealth of information.  If anyone has difficulty, it is easier to provide assistance if there is a history of food consumption.  For the time being, if you elect to journal your food, please enter this information in your daily journal.
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This is a great idea!  I've just had a few days of increased weight, breaking my diet, and feeling low about the lack of progress.  I know it is in my power to do but I have been so bad.  This will help to energize me.
419964 tn?1333305506
YAY just what i needed ill be a participant in this great challange yeah woohoo time to get healthier as hard as its gonna be we ahve each other for help in support good luck to all lets do this
168348 tn?1379360675
Yes, count me in .. 3 lbs for me!

620923 tn?1452919248
Love to be part of this......I have ?s.....what can I do to lose??
Help please......

579258 tn?1250652943
TrudieC ~ Well we all have those moments and these concerted efforts help us all work together to get over those humps.  YEAAHH YOUUUU for recognizing this and jumping on board to gain some additional support and motivation.  This is why the challenges are done!

Msgorgeous ~ Absolutely love your attitude and your enthusiasm ... what a cheerleader you are for us and the sunshine you bring will help us all.

ChitChatNIne ~ Wonderful realistic goal ... Very Well DONEEE!!!

Selma ~ So glad you are willing to participate!  Please call your doctor as to what you can do physically and we'll help with finding instructions for exercises.  Additionally, please start logging your food into your daily journal and please message me your height and age (I believe I have weight and activity level) and we'll find out the calories needed to maintain your weight.  From there, you'll need to figure out how many calories you want to cut in order to loswe weight.  Will work with you to do so .. ok?  You CAN DO THIS!!!  

So happy to see everyone signing up and participating.  We're so looking forward to sharing your comments, discussions and journeys as we kick this challenge off on October 6th!  

165308 tn?1323190145
I have been so out of control lately, I am willing to give it a shot!  
579258 tn?1250652943
So happy to have you here ... and thank you for coming!  Believe you will find it fun and rewarding and, as always, we're open to suggestions and feedback.  Each challenge changes slightly as it is an evolution of what the members find helpful.  Very much looking forward to your participation!!!  (((Hugs)))  ...  Ranae
419964 tn?1333305506
Thank you ranae, I know there are others out there just like me and they could use the motivation as can i if we do this together we have eachothers support etc... your a motivation for us all thank you

trudieC no need to feel low we all break from the diet it happens ive done more times then you can count. its ohk we are all here for you :)

me- work hard to achieve what you want to accomplish :)

Chitchatnine- welcome to the challange no doubt you will lose those three pounds :)

selma- your situation is unique but no worries it can be done ill be researching in the mean time to help you in anyway i can :)

suziQ welcome to the challange hope you find it to be just what you need to boost you in to control lol :)

Remember no pain no gain
616227 tn?1251079998
Hey everyone! How exciting is this! Welcome to the challenge!
599954 tn?1227497585
count me in and thanks
579258 tn?1250652943
So glad you joined us!!!  Welcome!!!  :]
579258 tn?1250652943
Thanks soooo much for your enthusiastic spirit!  Soo happy to have you here!
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