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I have been trying for 3 months to loose 15 lbs.I am 5'8" 150lb late 40's. I have cut down on my food to where i am only eating a yogurt in the morning, a low cal tv dinner at lunch and some fruit at night. I have been working out 4-5 days a week by doing 3 miles on a stationary bike and 1 mile on a treadmill and various machines for my legs. I have lost nothing!
I am so frustrated and have no idea what to do. My Dr. said my thyroid was fine. Does anyone have any suggestions? I would really appreciate your help.
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I have the same problem, I am 39, my theroide is perfect and in the last 2 years I gain a lot of weigh like 25pound and could not lose it, I run 3.5km every day except Sundays and walk every week day 4km (start 1 month ago).  My husband said is maby because muscle are evier than fat. I know it is very hard to try to lose weight I would like to find a fastest way without any drogue. But I think it took me 2 year to put it on I guest it will take me a few month to put it off. Best of luck to you
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Not eating is probably one of the first things you should change.  Women should eat a small meal/snack every three hours to keep the metabolism working.  For men it's every four hours.  If you go without eating or barely eat at all, the metabolism stops working b/c your body goes into starvation mode.  It stores fat b/c it doesn't know when you'll eat again.  What you're eating sounds like a good small meal/snack but you're not doing it often enough.  Yogurt and fruit would be a good snack.  There are lots of websites that will give you specific ideas for good meal/snack options.  

Also, sometimes it takes a while before the weight comes off.  I had to work out every day and change my eating habits for a couple of months before I lost anything.  Then one day the weight started coming off and I've lost 15 lbs. in the past three months.  

You also need to vary your workout routine.  I have a friend who teaches aerobics, cardio classes, and dance six days a week in addition to a very healthy diet and can't lose weight b/c she's been doing the same thing for years.  Your body will get used to a certain exercise and it won't be as effective anymore.  Try different forms of cardio and do some light weight training.  Muscle burns more fat.  By doing light weight amounts and more reps, you'll tone up w/o bulking up.
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Thank you some much for your suggestions.  I will add more snacks during the day and change up my exercising routine.  I really appreciate it.
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If you feel stuck and need a bit of a very healthy jump start I would recommend monitoring your sodium intact.  Try to limit it to between 500mg and 1000mg a day (that is more than enough to be healthy)  This is good for you anyway and should probably be maintained if possible.  Lowering your sodium level will cause you to lose water weight and FEEL much better.  This weight will probably come back if you load back up on sodium, but it is a great start and a healthy life style choice.

The other thing I would suggest is counting your calories exactly.  (and yes that means counting the piece of toast you munched between lunch and dinner)  Sometimes we tend to snack and underestimate the amount of food we take in.  The fact is losing weight happens three ways.  (1) Giving birth, (2) removal of large tumors or (3) burning more calories than you eat.  Since most of us don't fall into catagories one or two I would suggest trying to burn more calories than you eat.  Be careful about skipping meals or cutting back to much so as not to bring your metabolism to a halt.  Good luck, and remember it generally isn't healthy to try to lose more than ~2 lbs a week.
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I am having the same problem and even just posted a question.
If I am 5'5  how many calories should I take in each day to lose weight?  I want to lose at least 25 by Sept.


I think the comments sent to you so far were good.  Tell me if it changes the weight problem.
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I don't think calorie counting is that effective unless you use a simplified version like Weight Watchers.

I think the best rule is to only drink water or unsweetened tea or coffee and to stop eating bread and potato.

You should lose lots of weight if you follow those simple rules
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forget counting calories; eating smaller meals every 3 to 4 hrs is correct.  You should eat 6 times a day. keeps the metabolism pumped up your cardio. your workout needs to be progressive bothe quantitatively and qualitatively; that means be progressive with your weights and change the exercises you do.  Also, chance are you are eating the wrong things. stay away from refined carbs, they are your enemy I promise!!! They promote your body to store fat instead of burn fat. Our ancestors were hunter gatherers who ate carbs from 1700 different plant matter; it was raw and high in fiber and not refined.  THey ate plenty of protien.  You need to eat thermogenic foods. these are foods that burn fat.  You know a food is thermogenic by using the "chew test" if it takes a long time to chew it up then it is good. Protien is thermogenic, some not as much as others; lunch meat, not so much. Steak and chicken yes.  Don't forget the fruits and veggies. To learn more I suggest www.extique.com
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How is it possible not to lose weight just because your body got use to the excercises. Surely because your body needs energy to perform these excercises calories are burnt. Please explain, maybe I'm having a blonde moment.
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And this is the #1 reason to visit your local health food store and speak with the nutrition counselor on staff...anyone else irritated by the advertisements here?  we all know there are a million options...give us information not advertising!!!  I live in johnson city, tennessee and we have two great health food stores with counselors on staff that give their services for free and without an appointment...check out yours to see if they do as well.  Always tell your doctor about any all supplements you take...right down to fiber supplements and green food powders.  Your pharmacist can check the PDR for drug interactions for you as well.
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Thank you to be one of the first people to have realized that so so so many people are advertising and using this forum and giving all these people that want some honesty false hope. I have always wondered and im willing to bit on it that some of these people who's comments are almost under every asked question naming certain DR.S AND CERTAIN PLANS
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Thank you to be one of the first people to have realized that so so so many people are advertising and using this forum and giving all these people that want some honesty false hope. I have always wondered and im willing to bit on it that some of these people who's comments are almost under every asked question naming certain DR.S AND CERTAIN PLANS are working to mislead us people that are trusting that someone will be brave enough to talk about their real experiences not their employment.
The only way a Dr. or a plan should be advertised on this forum i believe is only when that dr. or plan is willing to contact medhelp and offer their services and pay their contribution to the founders of this company whom are such devoted people to have givin all of us this FREE gift of knowledge to help us learn.   I personaly would like to thank the staff for acknowledging the same and asking all of us to review the rules again on 1-25-06 and if we are not willing to listen maybe we should not be reading these forums.   Thank you again poster child for your honesty.   Cathy
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Perhaps you aren't losing weight because you are perfect the way you are!  Based on your own stats, your BMI is precisely perfect.  Worry less about the scale and more about how you feel!
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