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PCOS suffer, 220 pounds and not failed to loose weight


I need some help here. I was diagonised PCOS in March, i was put on Metamorfin - a drug that is given to obese diabetic patients - i have read every where and the Dr. told me that the drug helps with loosing weight but my weight isnt shifting. I started an exercise routine way back in December - i have been off any fizzy drinks (Coke, packed juice, etc), off processed sugar plus white bread, cakes, cookies, candy, chocolate, name it. I limit heavily my carbohydrates and i do step aerobics 5 times a week. I drink 8 glasses of water everyday.
Apart from my body being toned - am still weighing 220 pounds - what am i doing wrong?

I live in Africa and almost all the food is fresh - organic.
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Sorry for the error.
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   Hey there. I have a friend with PCOS so I know what you are going through. She has been trying to lose weight with no results. The only thing that makes her lose weight is not currently available because it's not legal. Her doctor prescribed it to her back when the drug was legal because there was nothing else that could work.

   Perhaps there is something else but I honestly do not know. You should know PCOS is not easy to deal with when it comes to losing weight. It seems as though you are not doing anything wrong. How long have you been exercising? Sometimes you do not see results  in 2 weeks or even a month. The good thing is that you are not gaining. Some women with this syndrome find it hard to stop gaining weight. Keep doing what you are doing and always try to increase you exercise level. Challenge yourself. If you could run it'd be great. Try to do at least one hour, no less than that. I always go for 1 hour and 45 minutes to two hours. The one thing that has helped me is running. I started running for just 1 minute. Now I run for an hour which is almost 6 miles. I still wish to go more than that and I think that you should do that, you should always try to push yourself and be up for challenges. Try doing the HIIT, it's always a good work-out.

Regarding the foods that you eat, if your doctor or nutritionist knows what you are eating and they are ok with it then you are good to go.

Good luck!!!
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I am sorry for what you are going through, I can only imagine how you feel.

With that said I have gone through an interesting time resently. In feb. my husband and I decided to get off birth control ( depo- provara) NOT to get pregnant just so I can get off and him taken care of. Well what happened was I ended up gaining weight even with following my normal diet and exersise routine. I even started doing 30 -45 mins of cardio at night and was still gaining 1-3 pounds a week. Now while I was on depo my testaterone droped and so did my estrogyn so I had to start supplementing. The reason I am telling you this is because I got back on the depo and am starting to loose weight. you might want to ask you gyn if the depo might help you. Just a thought. I wish you well. Even if you don't loose weight exersise is SO good for you so keep it up. :)  :)  :)
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Thanks, those are words of encouragement!

Yes exercise is good - i feel good with myself.

I will not give up!

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I too was diagnosed with PCOS... and was perscribed metformin that was "supposed" to make my weight go down.  Didn't work!!  I also have been finding it hard to loose weight.  The dr.'s keep telling me to loose some but I couldn't find  way until I came across natural vitamins that is supposed to reverse PCOS.  You should definantly visit www.insulitelabs.com.  A year of diet and exercize and I only lost 1 pound.  I have been on the insulite system for only  a week now and have lost 5 pounds!!  It's some amazing stuff!
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That site has good info. I will look more later. Thanks
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it sounds like you have done a great job at eliminating the worst
offenders in your diet.  How many calories do you consume each day?  
Would you post an example of your meal plan?
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the meal plans are wonderful.. it weens (not sure about spelling) you off the carbs.. slowly.  For example instead of having 2 pieces of bread with your pasta.. have one piece and a salad.. it recommends you eat a lot of greens. each week you reduce your intake of carbs by 5% which isnt a lot.. and increase your greens by 5%.  Also, I have found after taking the vitamins, i actually crave green foods.. like salads, celery, etc.  its a really easy plan to follow, and it tells you to eat the things you do enjoy, just monitor the amount you eat them.  I actually dont count my calories.. but I know just to watch the carbs..  hope it helps.
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I have taken long to reply sorry.

- I have a bowl of Oatmeal for breakfast or African tea sweetened by honey and brown bread. Weekends i have a boiled egg or omlette.
- A cup of African tea (Skimmed milk and honey) with Brown bread 2 slices for break OR a fruit bowl that contains pineaple and Papaya or a cup of youghurt.
- I have fruit salad for lunch - water melon, papaya, pineaple, sugar cane, jack fruit OR a chicken sandwich with brown bread or i have grilled chicken and vegetables.
- Supper i have Steamed potatoes or brown rice or cassava with beef or fish or chicken or beans or peanuts, or peas and vegetables (Cabbage or cauliflower or french beans, etc) and unsweetened fruit juice.
- I drink water through out the day.

I do limit my portions e.g i have 1 medium sized potatoe , 1 small piece of meat, etc.

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Hi everybody

My name is Rachel and im 20 and have recently found out i have PCOS i have put on 30kg in a year and am very down about mysef . have just been put on metamorfin which i hope will help me in some way. I excersise and eat properly but am losing NO weight.. if anyone can help me out with some ideas and things that help you fellow PCOS suffers with weight problems please let me know because i just want to get better!!!!!! and the doctors are not really helping me out enough and expaining things thoroughly!

thanks guys
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i will give the foods and other things that are mentioned above a go and see what happens
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I was diagnosed with pcos four years ago. my weight has been up and down about 20-35 lbs since. i have hair on my chin which is depressing. i have no period sometimes. The doctor put me on the pill and i lost thirty lbs but i gained weight after they changed the type of pill it was because i weighed too much for the normal one. metformin didnt work for me either. i went from 155 and now i am pushing 180! This condition even affects your emotions which affects your weight.
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