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Period 's effect on weight

I would like to know if monthly period effects weight , I mean is it possible that you put on weight when you are passing your monthly period ?
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First of all, welcome to the Weight Loss & Dieting Community, we're most pleased to have you here and thrilled you are jumping right in and posting your question.  Let me see if I can share a little information with you that was gleaned from various research studies on the Internet.

Menstruation is a very complicated process involving many different hormones, our reproductive organs and our brain.  Weight  and stress also influence hormonal balance and menstruation.

Gaining weight, food cravings, and overeating are commonly reported 1-2 weeks before menstruation occurs.   When trying to lose weight, it is important to understand this cycle and eat foods that are lower in calorie content and watch our sodium intake to minimize the weight gain that can be due to water.

Your weight can fluctuate slightly before, during and/or after your period, however, major fluctuations are a common misperception.  The bottom line is that weight changes due to menstrual cycles are minor, temporary and will not impact your weight-loss success.

Hope you find this information somewhat helpful.  Don't let those slight fluctuations derail you ... it is all part of the special process that makes us women.  


Regular exercise and keeping fit and healthy can help regulate the menstrual cycle. On the other hand, exercising too much and overstressing the body can have a negative effect on the hormones to the extent that menstruation may cease.
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I read somewhere, so take this comment as something I found on the internet:

That women on their periods can burn up to 300 more calories a day...

I think this is awesome because I am so hungry around my period... :)

This will sound gross, but bear with me it has a good message.  People's weight can flucuate a few pounds  a day because of water and such.  I was told I was five pounds over weight any my BIL responded by saying: "I could poop five pounds tomorrow morning."  Haha, he thought it was so silly to obsess over such a small amount of weight :)....
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