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I am a 21 yo female who has gained some weight in the past few years. I am looking to lose some weight as I am now 173 lbs currently and would like to get in the 140-150 lbs range. Advice/support from anyone in the same situation/someone who has once been there would be appreciated.
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When I was 23 years old, I weighed 175lbs. I was distraught and never thought I would be able to lose the weight. A client of mine, recommended weight watchers to me, and one evening, I decided to go to a meeting. That was in 2003, for a year, I committed to the program, and I lost 50lbs!  The weight came off slowly, in .6-4lb increments, but I was able to keep off the weight. You can do it!!!!
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Can you tell us what your current diet and exercise is like?
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Your very very young and can lose weight fast. Stick to protein and greens. Stay away from carbs which are white breads, and pastas. I would recommend eating fish chicken shrimp, be careful because salads will make u retain water. I used to weight 200 I'm 150 now. I started one day by eating breakfast two eggs with onions bell peppers, lunch chicken breast and broccoli, dinner would always be with salmon, shrimp, or chicken,  I would eat it with a side of green beans mixed with bellpepers,mushrooms,spinach..i did this for two weeks then lost 8 pounds in two weeks. Remember you don't wanna lose to much weight fast because u will gain it fast. Portion control, is very important. I recommend "fitness blenders" on YouTube find a beginner's video. I've been maintaing my weight now for two years I'm 5'8 and 1150...at first yrs stay away from junk..eat wheat bread once or twice a week..we still need carbs. And join my FITNESS Pal a app it helps a lot. Keep us posted
We have an app here on MedHelp that's very similar to MyFitnessPal...
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