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Weight Loss Reality and Accountability

Trying to lose weight and change our eating and exercise behaviors can seem like a daunting task at times.  However, you CAN succeed by adopting a “can do” attitude, learning how to forgive yourself rather than punishing yourself and never, ever giving up!

Since this is a learning process and we are not perfect, bumps in the road are to be expected. From time to time, when we face a derailment and regain some of the weight we fought so hard to lose, we can get disheartened. These do not have to be seen as failures but as opportunities to learn better ways to handle similar situations in the future. Amazingly, when approached with a positive attitude and the mindset to explore the reasons behind these events, we build character, perseverance, strength and fortitude.

YOU are in control of your future and YOU CAN achieve your weight loss goals and the accompanying reward of improved health.  YOUR destiny is in YOUR hands!  

If you find yourself facing a bump in the road or a complete derailment, then please consider joining us in rectifying this today!

1. Get Weighed – Yes, it is time to stop ignoring the scale and realize exactly where we are. Time to be accountable and tell others so they, too, can hold us responsible. I will be weighing daily at the same time each morning and in the same clothes. If you are one who is not comfortable with weighing daily, then I encourage you to commit to weighing twice a week and recording it on your MedHelp weight tracker.

2. Clean Your Cupboards - Throw out any trigger food and stock your pantry and refrigerator with lean meats, whole grains, fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, low-fat dairy and a few snacks such as sugar-free Popsicles, 100-calorie popcorn or nuts. Be sure to eat before you go shopping and read the labels for the nutritional content.

3. Positive Vibes – Surround yourself with positive people and take the time to read, view or listen to positive quotes, videos or stories. This truly sets the tone for success! Our brains are sponges and, positive or negative, they soak up the emotions we expose them to. Post notes on your refrigerator and cupboards; it helps!

Here’s what I found today .. “Plant the seeds of expectation in your mind; cultivate thoughts that anticipate achievement. Believe in yourself as being capable of overcoming all obstacles and weaknesses.” Norman Vincent Peale

4. Move! – Any kind of movement/exercise jump-starts our metabolism, releases endorphins to brighten our mood, gifts us with a sense of well-being and leaves us with a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction. Today I will be walking around the lake; 1.25 miles with ducks, geese and nature!  Chart it on your MedHelp exercise tracker!

Would love to hear from each of you about where you are and where you’re going. Each journey is a personal choice yet we share the camaraderie of similar experiences and feelings that greatly enhance our path if we choose to share them with each other.

Very best wishes for your success … I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!

PS - The FOOD JOURNAL will be here VERY VERY SOON!!!

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I am overjoyed to see this post.  As of late there have been some dramatic life circumstances that I have totally allowed to drag me down.  No more....I have taken note of where I am, which is not where I want to be, but I am going to keep moving to the goal.  Inch by inch, step by step....the goal line is still there and I am still going for it!  I started by two days ago taking a very serious look at every morsel that was going into the mouth.  Not having done so in a bit...of course, I was shocked.  Shocked no more.  Written journal is now kept at my desk and everything goes onto it again until the control has returned once again.  I dislike weighing daily, but have done so since that fact finding mission as well.  I will continue to do so daily in order to prevent any future shock while standing on the beloved scale.  I personally cannot wait for the food journal.  I hope that you are all also looking forward to it and that we can all gain invaluable knowledge with its use.  ; )  Sending positive vibes and boundless energy to all of my teammates!  We can do this together!  
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Here's where I am...I am pretty much staying in place, give or take 3-5 pounds.  I have been *unbelievably fatigued*, and had much blood-work.  The culprit is still in hiding.  I have been fatigued and searching for the cause (with my doctor) for a couple of years now, but in the past several months it has gotten worse.

Normally, I can push through it and still get plenty of exercise.  Recently, this is difficult because I *have* to save enough energy to grocery shop, clean the house, do laundry, spend time with the family, and OH YEAH: work.  My job ends when school is out on the 15th.  YAY!!!!  (but can I still get paid????)

My parents will be arriving here this coming Wed., (6/10) for a month-long visit.  I usually do not GAIN weight with these annual visits - and sometimes I actually lose a pound or two.  BUT, I may NOT get to talk to my MH friends as much.  We will have to see....  

DID I ANSWER THE QUESTION?  I should say that, believe it or not, I am NOT discouraged or thinking that I won't reach my goal weight.  I EVEN think that I can keep it off - WITH THE HELP OF MY FRIENDS!!!!
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Heres where im at, I have been at this for 14 months now and have lost 118lbs, been stuck this week then went down and now back up, what bothers me is i look like a jelly every bit of me wobbles, i hate my body so much, when i was 356lbs it didnt look so bad as it was more proportioned, I just wanna quit, oh i wanna quit so bad, but that will give me a whole set of new problems, If i set my mind to do something then i have to complete it no matter what, so i cant quit that means failure i cant live with failure, so im stuck here with my ugly body theres not one part that is not sagging, I know Im not the only one who feels like this, but right now it feels like i am the only one.
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